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The Importance of Taking Breaks

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  • The Cozy Minimalism Podcast podcast
  • The Cozy Minimalism Podcast podcast

    Podcast Break


    We will be back at it May 5th 2021! Keep those ideas coming!
  • The Cozy Minimalism Podcast podcast

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  • The Cozy Minimalism Podcast podcast

    S3 E14 - My Top 4 Easy Plants


    If you're ready to add some real plants to your home, and you're not a natural green thumb... this episode is for you.
  • The Cozy Minimalism Podcast podcast

    S3 E13 - The Self Cleaning Toilet


    Sometimes, I say the wrong things. This was one of those times. I got a negative review because of something I thought was funny, but someone else didn't think was funny. But this episode isn't about the review, it's about how I didn't notice something for 6 years and how sometimes we feel unappreciated at home when we are doing all the things.
  • The Cozy Minimalism Podcast podcast

    S3 E12 - The Flame and The Spark


    Getting too focused on the big and flashy before and afters will bog you down. Focus instead on the tiny spark. Cheer others tiny sparks. Let's start a revolution with this way of thinking on social media. 
  • The Cozy Minimalism Podcast podcast

    S3 E11 - Where To Start


    Struggling at the verrrry beginning of your journey? Ugh, that really sucks, my friend. It can be a tough place to be in if you're spinning your wheels. I promise it gets easier! I give you some juicy tips to help you out at the beginning, even if you're feeling like you'll never make a dent.
  • The Cozy Minimalism Podcast podcast

    S3 E10 - Small Bathroom Solutions


    What happens when you have already minimized all the things in your tiny bathroom and you still can't use it? You focus on function and organizing. Shayla (a cozy minimalist community member) sent me this conundrum. I figured she wasn't alone, so I created a podcast with solutions for her tiny bathroom.  You can see photos here:
  • The Cozy Minimalism Podcast podcast

    S3 E9 - Stuff Shuffling SOS


    Do you find you aren't decluttering but simply moving stuff from room to room or shelf to shelf? In this episode, I introduce you to a real life phase that is frustrating for lots of people: Stuff Shuffling. I give you three tips to get you moving forward with your process. I got you, friend!
  • The Cozy Minimalism Podcast podcast

    S3 E8 - Enabling People to Remain Cluttered?


    If you aren’t ready to let something go... DON’T. Some feedback I received from a lady that felt I was enabling people to stay cluttered. I address that today.
  • The Cozy Minimalism Podcast podcast

    S3 E7 - Monotonous Meal Planning Getting You Down?


    Meal Planning tips to help you simplify what your cooking each day. If you want a deeper dive into my own meal planning process, which includes inventory of what we have and deciding which meals we eat, and even how to decide what quantities to buy. Head over to the website:

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