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Sandy Ordille: Pioneer, Archivist, Inspiration

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In the annals of surfing history, Sandy Ordille is an extremely important figure. For not only did she participate in making it, but she has made it her life's work to document, preserve & highlight women surfers whose narratives have been long overlooked. Sandy has lived an incredibly impressive life as a pioneer and founding member of professional surfing. She was there at the inception of the IPS pro tour, where she traveled the world on a shoestring budget, competing and breaking new ground. In 2016, she was inducted into the East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame and then in 2017, The New Jersey Surfing Hall of Fame. In another life, Sandy played in the all female band, Avant Garage in the late 80’s early 90’s when all female bands were the rarity. In short, Sandy is a revolutionary, a groundbreaker, and has most definitely led the charge for women’s equality both in and out of the water. Sandy is a native Ocean City, NJ and is our guest on this week’s episode of Swell Season Surf Radio.

Swell season Surf Radio is recorded by the Newsstand Studio at Rockefeller Center in the heart of Manhattan and is distributed by WAX.Radio

Song: Wind 'an' Sea
Band: Dakota Motor Co
Album: Into The Son

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