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Prayer for the Exhausted

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Beloved, when was the last time you rested? Like, truly shut everything down and simply...breathed? Sabbath can often feel like an admirable—but unrealistic—sentiment for our very full, very ordinary lives of taking out the trash, meeting the work deadlines, and scrambling to make (or order in) dinner.

You’re a parent? Your kids need you. You’re on-call? Your workplace needs you. The list goes on, and if we're being honest, rest is often elusive to us. If not me, who? If not now, when? We hold these questions close to our chests, white-knuckling our way through another day. It’s noble, maybe. But it’s also misguided.

In this third week of communal prayer, we’re praying for restoration and renewal over our weary bodies, minds, and souls.

Kayla Craig, liturgist-in-residence and podcast producer at Sacred Ordinary Days, hosts this time of reflection and prayer.

We also hear an excerpt written by Cole Arthur Riley of @blackliturgies.

P.S. Did you miss last week’s prayer for the lonely? You can find it here

We invite you to join us for companionship and guidance as we seek to meet God in new ways with humility, grace, and mercy. Our time together will lead us right up to Ash Wednesday with a posture of reflection and hope in Christ. May this time together transform us to be more wholly human, more fully faithful.

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