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268. 99 Red Balloons by Goldfinger

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You know those moments in your life where you know you’re going to come away from that moment a completely different person? That’s what hearing 99 Red Balloons for the first time was for us. It’s the reason we’re friends. It’s the reason we ended up starting a band that we played in all through high school. It very well may be the reason we love pop-punk as much as we do. And it all started with a weird German song in the 90s that captivated the hearts of 3rd wave ska captains, Goldfinger. Thanks for everything, John Feldmann. And sorry for everything, as always…





99 Red Balloons by Goldfinger Music Video

99 Red Balloons by NENA Music Video

99 Luftballoons by NENA Music Video

99 Red Ballons Live 2018 (NENA)

Proper Dose by The Story So Far Music Video


Songs of the week:

Angels on Vacation by Weezer

THIS IS. by ニアフレンズ

The Liars Club by Coheed and Cambria


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