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262. Same Direction by Hoobastank (Into the Hoobaverse)

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It’s no secret that Hoobastank’s music video for The Reason is our favorite heist movie ever, but it recently came to our attention that there’s a sequel! Hooba picks up right where they left off and tell a gripping tale of crime, rock and roll, and betrayal all in three minutes, and somehow managed to outdo themselves once again.

However, we want more. Selfishly, but there were also a few loose ends that we’d love to see tied up in a neat bow, so we’re calling on Doug Robb and the boys to expand the Hoobaverse with a 3rd installment to the series, or preferably a feature-length video. If you’d like to see this happen, make sure to sign our petition below.





Same Direction Music Video

Sign our petition the expand “The Hoobaverse”

The Reason Music Video

The Reason Episode

The Year 3000 Episode

The MMMBop Episode

Hooba Make Other Noise Too Tee (coming soon!)



Songs of the week:

Stay the Same by Gold Steps x Thief Club

ガラクタオーバーフロウ by ニアフレンズ



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