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260. When We Were Young Festival Setlist Mixtape Draft

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The announcement of the When We Were Young Festival will be one of those moments we look back on in 20 years that are paired with a “where were you when"?" The millisecond that flyer hit Twitter, everyone went nuts. It was pure, unadulterated joy for like, 20 minutes… and then the questions started. And at last, the memes rolled in.

Wait, how many bands? HOW many stages? In 24 hours? Who the hell is Car Seat Headrest and what are they doing on this bill?

After a few minutes of moaning and groaning about festival experiences in the past, we absolutely GUSH about all the bands we love on the bill and we draft which songs we want to hear our favorite artists play at WWWY, even though we aren’t going. Maybe…





The When We Were Young Festival Setlist Mixtape on Spotify

The When We Were Young Festival Setlist Mixtape on Apple Music

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Songs of the week:

Nino by The Linda Lindas

Our House by Dizzy Sunfist


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