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How The Quran Frees You From Social Media Pressures

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Look who's back?! In modern times we can easily feel pressured to consistently show up & be visibly seen on social media in order to feel and be perceived as being productive, committed, making progress & positively contributing. But the Quran defines these concepts very differently.. watch to learn how the Quran can free you from such pressures!


Halimah Kurghali is a Quran Lifestyle Coach and the founder of Quran Rehab, where she helps Muslims to transform their lives through the revolution of their personal relationships with the Quran. As a certified personal development trainer with an educational background in Islamic studies, Halimah offers unique courses and programs providing advanced strategies and skills from personal developmental analysis of the Quran to help people have more, do more, and be more! Her training videos have been viewed more than 400,000 times and over 35,000 students have taken her online courses or video training series. The resulting success stories have led to her work being acknowledged internationally on various prestigious platforms like Islam Channel and Al-Jumuah Magazine. Halimah utilizes every opportunity she has had as a coach, trainer, public speaker, writer, and TV presenter over the last decade to achieve her dream of helping people unleash the very best of their potential through helping them transform their personal relationships with the ultimate source of positive transformation in existence; the Quran. Halimah hopes her renowned 4 step approach to developing a personally meaningful and fulfilling friendship with the Quran, taught through her Quran Blueprint Masterclass, will initiate one of the most meaningful revolutions within our global Quran culture.

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