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The science of consciousness, w/ Marilyn Schlitz

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“It is not the world outside us that has created the greatest problems facing civilization (or organizations), but our own limited consciousness. ” In this episode, I interview Marilyn Schlitz, an acclaimed social anthropologist, consciousness researcher and award-winning author. Marilyn has published the award-winning film “Death makes life possible” with Deepak Chopra, and is the CEO/President Emeritus at the Institute of Noetic Sciences. In our conversation we discuss the importance of recognizing worldviews and the necessity for leaders to learn how to accept, address and integrate those. Marilyn also shares about her unique and cutting-edge scientific researches in the field of consciousness (including distant viewing, healing, distant staring and psychomantium), and their implications for our societies. At the end of the interview, she shares 5 essential pieces of advice drawn from spiritual traditions to live deeply and cultivate your “super powers”. To know more, visit :

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