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Pilot Study returns with a look at "Mulaney," the John Mulaney Fox pilot that was cancelled following its first season. Chris and Grimes discuss a poorly written female lead, botched sitcom stereotypes and the Pilot Study categories of Title Talk, Pilot Study MVP, Name Change and Most Pilot-y Moment.

Note: The Griffin Newman part from the previous pilot was not just recast. He was originally cast as someone named "Seymour." Courtesy of Deadline Hollywood: "Gould and Pedrad will reprise their roles, while Smith’s character Motif will now be one of John’s roommates, replacing Seymour, played in the pilot by Griffin Newman. Zack Pearlman has been cast for a newly conceived character that wasn’t in the pilot."
And they even have an old cast photo: https://tinyurl.com/yd34gepo

Note 2: Of course that's Ice T in the title sequence. Confirmed. Book it.

Note 3: The first

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