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Our Muslim Homeschool - With Dr. Gemma Somauroo

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Gemma Somauroo (@ourmuslimhomeschool) is a wife, homeschool mum to 4, award winning blogger, inspirer, encourager, podcaster and top notch homeschool content creator; her platform delivers wisdom and experience on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook as well as through her “Launch Your Homeschool” course. Our conversation today covers homeschool beginnings, organisation, emotional health advice as well as a general get to know Gemma, I know you’re going to love it. Find ALL my links here:

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    Ambleside, The Armitt, and Adventures In Archaeology - With Faye Morrissey


    Today I have the privilege of introducing you to Faye Morrissey, the new manager of the The Armitt Museum and Library in Ambleside, Lake District. We discuss her archaeological background, her journey into the role at The Armitt, and how she plans to celebrate and care for the legacy of Charlotte Mason. Enjoy! Please visit The Armitt here: and consider donating (scroll to bottom of page) to support their ongoing work here:|| Friends! The February workshop is open and tickets are on sale, Unboxed is at it cheapest price before we upgrade to a new platform in March (don’t worry, we’ll move you all over), and I have coaching slots open for February and March - so click here: and come see me!
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    The More You Read, The More You Know - With Cindy Rollins


    Cindy Rollins is a beloved returning guest of the podcast and today we discuss her reading life, how books have moulded her mothering, and how she’s sharing this via her own podcasting and writing. || All things Cindy here: || All things Leah here:
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    Life On The Lake With Boys And Books - With Betsy Jenkins


    Today's conversation is with the brilliant Betsy Jenkins of @homeschooling_withtheclassics || We discuss all things Charlotte Mason, their life on a lake, homeschooling all boys, Charlotte Mason for special educational needs, art study, diversity within art study...and so much more! || Links for Betsy: || Leah's links: || Thank you for listening - Leah x
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    Art That Makes The World Go Round - With Lauren Hoffman


    Lauren Hoffman (@birdsandbobbles on IG) is the real deal - I know because we’ve drank tea together in Nashville, eaten her cake, and we can talk about poetry all day. Motherhood and homeschooling brought to life her gifts and passions and she is a shining example of not shrinking back in the child rearing years, but has set to keep growing herself and be a shining example to her daughter. You’ll love this conversation, and you’ll love her. || As usual PLEASE subscribe to the podcast, click the five stars and if you can, take a few moments to leave a happy review so that others can find community here. || Lauren's Links: + || Leah's Links:
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    Your Place In The Story: A Christmas Poem - With Leah Boden


    A very happy Christmas to you my dear listeners - may you know the closeness of family, clarity of mind for this season, and the joy, love and peace of Jesus in your heart! || I’m so very grateful for each of you and have wonderful plans as we journey together in 2022. - Leah x x
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    Music: The Poetry Of The Air - With Joel Clarkson


    “Let young people study as far as possible under one master until they have received some of this teaching and know its style." Charlotte Mason || I could think of no better guest to discuss the power of music with than author, musician and composer, Joel Clarkson. || Joel is a treasure trove of wisdom, and inspiration when it comes to making, playing and listening to good music - today we particularly talk about orchestral and classical music, which as Charlotte Mason educators, I know it’s right up your street! When we wrapped up this conversation I felt like I’d paid good money for a classical music and composition workshop, honestly I learnt so much, and I know you will too! || Hang on until the last few minutes of the interview and you’ll hear a snippet of Joel’s music which he was so generous to let me use on the podcast. Please, check out his book, his albums, his audio readings of the Green Ember series by S D Smith, and anything else he has produced or created. || If you love the podcast I’d be so grateful if you could rate, review and share the love - it really gets the word around, and it would be the perfect Christmas present!  Thank you. ||  Joel Clarkson: ||  Leah's Links:
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    When The Poets Speak - With David Bowden


    “One ought, every day at least, to hear a little song, read a good poem, see a fine picture, and, if it were possible, to speak a few reasonable words.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe || Today’s interview with performance poet, David Bowden is jam packed full of story, helpful tips, inspiration and poetry recitation - you’re going to love it. || Spoken Word Gospel/David Bowden: || Leah's Links:
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    Life Through A Lens - With Nina Constable


    “We are all meant to be naturalists, each in his own degree, and it is inexcusable to live in a world so full of the marvels of plant and animal life and to care for none of these things.” - Charlotte Mason Today’s guest is Cornwall dwelling self shooting freelance conservation film maker, the absolutely delightful Nina Constable. I hope today's conversation sharpens your curiosity for the natural world, inspires you to look deep and further into the green spaces around you, as well as provoking you to begin those important conversations with your children about conservation. I also hope today's conversation lifts nature study off the sketch paper and watercolour pallet and enables you to view this observational life through a different lense. Let's lean in and listen to episode 2 of season 4 with Nina Constable, Life through a lens. Nina Constable: Nina on Instagram: Leah's Links:
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    Beauty Is My Job - With Tim & Chris Willard


    If you don't already know Tim and Chris Willard you are in for a treat! This fabulous pair share grace and beauty through their words and images whilst writing books, raising daughters, and home educating. Keep an eye out for Tim's new book early next year. You can follow them here: & here: Tim's website: Sign up for the final Modern Miss Mason Workshop of 2021 on Dec 4th here (replay will be sent out to you): My website:
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    A May Morning - With Dave & Leah Boden


    Popping by to say “Hi” with stories of Lake District adventures, the dawn chorus and all things Charlotte Mason (of course 😉). Charlotte Mason Unboxed Course: Here  Coaching Information: Here Conferences: Charlotte Mason Inspired: Learn Free (use code: MMM2021 for 10% discount) Renew Homeschool Conference (Promo coming soon) Charlotte Mason Institute Podcast Episode: The PNEU In You - With Em Bowers Taylor Swift - The Lakes Leah's Linktree:

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