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A Charlotte Mason podcast helping you find freedom in her philosophy. Conversations around childhood, motherhood & education. The Modern Miss Mason Podcast is hosted by Leah Boden 🇬🇧

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    A May Morning - With Dave & Leah Boden


    Popping by to say “Hi” with stories of Lake District adventures, the dawn chorus and all things Charlotte Mason (of course 😉). Charlotte Mason Unboxed Course: Here  Coaching Information: Here Conferences: Charlotte Mason Inspired: Learn Free (use code: MMM2021 for 10% discount) Renew Homeschool Conference (Promo coming soon) Charlotte Mason Institute Podcast Episode: The PNEU In You - With Em Bowers Taylor Swift - The Lakes Leah's Linktree:
  • Modern Miss Mason podcast

    Confidence, Connection And The Art Of Slowing Down - With Leslie Martino


    I’m so honoured to introduce you to the incredible mother, mentor, educator and encourager, Leslie Martino. Leslie and I chatted over zoom; she was in sunny Florida, chatting peacefully as her mother took her children for a walk, and I was in chilly Coventry hushing and ushering children into other rooms in the house, as usual. Our conversation today covers a myriad of topics from educational beginnings, through to the art of slowing down and we even throw some thoughts about moving our body in there! A feast I tell you. Here’s my conversation with Leslie Martino. You can reach Leslie here: or on Instagram on @lesliemmartino Get 20% off Unboxed here: using code: SEASON3 All the links to all my things, here:
  • Modern Miss Mason podcast

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  • Modern Miss Mason podcast

    Our Muslim Homeschool - With Dr. Gemma Somauroo


    Gemma Somauroo (@ourmuslimhomeschool) is a wife, homeschool mum to 4, award winning blogger, inspirer, encourager, podcaster and top notch homeschool content creator; her platform delivers wisdom and experience on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook as well as through her “Launch Your Homeschool” course. Our conversation today covers homeschool beginnings, organisation, emotional health advice as well as a general get to know Gemma, I know you’re going to love it. Find ALL my links here:
  • Modern Miss Mason podcast

    Learning & Living Well - With Alicia Hutchinson


    Today I have another gem for you. Alicia Hutchinson (@overatalicias) and I have been hanging around the homeschool blogosphere and then Instagram for many years. Our children are a similar age and I feel like we’ve evolved from young enthusiastic homeschoolers into mentors and mother encouragers, side by side but with a mere 3,906 miles between us. Alicia is wife to Jarrod, mum to 4 children, home educator as well as the founder and leader of the wonderful Learning Well Community ( )She’s always been a great inspiration and encouragement to me not only as a fellow educator but also as a thrifty homemaker and creative mum. Alicia shares from her Christian faith and reflects on her identity from the perspective of the Bible. She’s so full of wonderful ideas, wisdom and fun - I know you’re gong to treasure this conversation. Find ALL my links here:
  • Modern Miss Mason podcast

    Farming, Writing & Finally Living - With Christine Bailey


    Today’s guest is the lovely Christine Bailey and she is a wonderful example of a mother who carefully considers the atmosphere of their home. Christine is a mum to two daughters; she’s also a farmer and a writer. They have 17 acres in Santa Fe (fee), Tennessee, where they raise organic produce, flowers, bees, and chickens in a sustainable way that heals the land and grows into beautiful food. They also gather the community at long farm tables under the stars at their seasonal Kindred Dinners. Christine and her husband Steven believe life is meant to be shared in community, you can hear this through our chat today and I know you’ll be richer for engaging in our conversation. You can connect with Christine on Instagram at @organicstine and @thekindredfarm or over on her website here: Find ALL my links here:
  • Modern Miss Mason podcast

    Beauty From Ashes - With Sarah Clarkson


    Today’s guest is a perfect example of a beauty seeker, and sharer. Her life and words are a great inspiration to me, and even during this conversation (and during editing) I was moved by what she said and how our conversation made me feel. Today I’m sharing my conversation with the wife, mother of two with one on the way, and writer Sarah Clarkson. Sarah is articulate, vulnerable and honest in our conversation today and I know you’re going to treasure it and why not also give these words permission to help you grow as you go into a new week. You can reach Sarah here: You can find all my links here:
  • Modern Miss Mason podcast

    A Spacious Place - With Christie Purifoy


    My conversation this week is with the inspiring mother of 4 Christie Purifoy. Christie, amongst many other things, is an author, podcaster and gardener, she consistently points us to beauty through her words and photography; I’ve found her reading life and intellectual pursuits, as well as her commitment to growth (personally, and in the garden) such an inspiration and I think you will too. You can reach Christie here: You can find all my links here:
  • Modern Miss Mason podcast

    Recitation & Memorisation For Delight & Growth - With Serena McCarthy (feat. Paul Sheffield)


    In this week's conversation I’m speaking to returning guest Serena McCarthy ( Serena has a long background in theatre, direction and acting; she’s a writer, editor, pastor voracious reader (I love all her recommendations, she recently text me and said “stop what you’re doing, click onto Amazon and order “my name is Asher Lev”, so I did) and as an adult woman she chooses to continue to remember and delight in beautiful verse, words and scriptures. There’s also a special guest appearance on this episode, my dad! Paul Sheffield makes an appearance because I’ve known him all my life as someone who memorises - but not for show, but to richly feed his inner life. Listen in...  Books mentioned:  My name is Asher Lev - Chaim Potok  Verse Worth Remembering - Stanley Maxwell   Letters to a Young Poet  - Rainer Maria Rilke  Janet and Allen Ahlberg books  Shower Notes (Aqua paper)  All the links to ALL my things:
  • Modern Miss Mason podcast

    Contentment As A Growth Strategy - With Amber O’Neil Johnston


    Today, we’ll be hearing from our friend Amber O’Neal Johnston who you’ll remember from season 2. Amber was part of the Podcast Zoom LIVE in January, she’s a homeschool mum to 4 children in the US, she’s an incredible writer, encourager, advocate and speaker. And you have to check out her heritage packs; go look and shop at Today she’s sharing her top 3 tips for growth in 2021. Listen in and be inspired. ALL the links to all my things can be found here:
  • Modern Miss Mason podcast

    Creativity, And The Courage To Continue - With Kyle Campbell


    Today, our guest is Kyle Campbell. Kyle and I had a complete “meet cute” via instagram back in 2017 the night before I left for Franklin, TN, which happened to be her home town - it was so bizarre! Over the years we’ve shared our stories over dinners, cocktails, in coffee shops and in our homes with our husbands and children. She is hands down the most innovative, creative person I know and she inspires me everyday with the words and images she shares on her instagram account @suddenjourneys. Kyle is the real deal, she’s authentic, vulnerable, a thoughtful friend, has the BIGGEST heart and cooks up a storm in the kitchen which will leave you full for days! Here’s our conversation about creativity and courage to continue... Kyle: All my links:

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