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They say that success is 80% Mindset and 20% Strategy, but as busy mums-in-business - juggling ambition with motherhood - sometimes trying to figure out your strategy is the only thing you have time for! So, how do you change that? How can you use the power of mindset to scale your businesses, nail your strategy, earn more from actually working less and get your time back? Time to read that book, get to the spa or simply enjoy watching your kids grow up! You know, the way you thought it would be when you set it all up in the first place? Well, the Mindset and Method podcast from Award-Winning Mindset & Success Coach Jenni Donato will be using simple psychology and what we can learn from the daily habits of the super successful to tell you how you can get this - and a whole lot more.

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    Ep 036: Resolutions Fail! Here's What To Do Instead...


    Have you set a New Year's Resolution - for yourself or your business? If so, STOP and listen to this first. Did you know 88% of resolutions fail and 80% fail before February? In this episode, I tell you my thoughts on why and give you a 4 step process of what to do instead. Fancy working with me to make 2022 your best yet for your business? Drop me a message at www.jennidonato.com/contact-me and let's chat about what could be right for you.
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    Ep 035: How Getting Focused Can Save You Time, Energy & Money


    Want to know the biggest time-suck many people struggle with when growing a business? Well, from my experience, it's the constant confusion & overwhelm which comes from all the messaging on 'how' to grow a business. With all the 'gurus' throwing different strategies your way, it's impossible to know which will work for you, or how to even get started. Should you be running a launch, starting an e-mail list, releasing a new 'freebie', doing a pop-up-product, running ads, setting up a sales funnel, posting daily on social... ...the list seems endless and trying them all is just too much! You know you need to get focused, but just don't know how! Well, in this episode, I will tell give you my thoughts on how to grow your business and get focused in 3 simple steps. And to join the 'Inspire, Motivate, Achieve' Free Mindset Experiment, go to https://www.jennidonato.com/inspire-motivate-achieve/
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  • Mindset and Method podcast

    Ep 034: Anna Green Interview - How A Simple Mindset Shift Changed Her Business & Gave Her More Time!


    I'm so excited to announce a series of interviews with inspiring women in business here on the 'Mindset and Method' Podcast. And I'm thrilled to introduce our first interview, the amazing Anna Green from The Success Lounge and Direct Selling Success. In this first interview, we chat about how important mindset was in growing Anna's business over the last 15 years and how one simple mindset shift changed her business and actually created so much more time in her life! To get her 104 post ideas free download, click here https://subscribepage.com/recruitmore
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    Ep 033: 3 Steps To Skyrocket Your Sales


    Recently I was prompted to 'celebrate my success' from a post in a Facebook Networking Group, and after some thought about settling in my children to school, I realised I had also made my previous (pre-kid) corporate salary in 4 days! I was asked by clients and members of my own Facebook Group 'More to Me than Mum' how I did it and decided to analyse my process and feature the 3 key steps in this podcast episode so you can skyrocket your sales too. But the truth is, no business is made in 4 days. I had spent the previous 2 years building the foundations that allowed me to approach my audience with the right offers at the right time for them. Here are the 3 steps - Work on your mindset - without the belief you can achieve the results you want, you'll be sabotaging your own success. - Get clear on your vision & your why - create a business doing what you love, it's the only way you'll stay motivated - then dedicate yourself to learn how to make money from it. - Do the work! Get to know your audience, what they need, then craft offers for your products/services around getting them the best results. Then get your timing right to sell **when** they want to buy! If you'd like to join me in my Facebook Group, click here www.facebook.com/groups/moretomethanmum or contact me to find out more about my 3 month Mind Spa Business Accelerator Programme here www.jennidonato.com/contact-me 
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    Ep 032: Self-Belief - Your Business Building Super Power


    They say that if you believe you can, you will - and if you believe you can't, then you probably won't! When it comes to building businesses and growing a business that earns you what you want in the time you have, I believe this to be 100% true, and that is why I think that self-belief is your no 1. business building super-power. So how do we go about creating unshakeable self-belief? Here are my 4 steps - Know what you're good at & what you want to achieve - to have unshakeable self-belief, you have to have something unshakable to believe is possible! - Learn to be your own best friend - most people's subconscious is out to get them, so make sure you're working on your mindset to become your own best friend and set your subconscious sat-nav! - Build positive relationships - bring positivity to peoples lives, serve (don't sell) and use success proximity to learn how to be successful. - Get a Plan - Set a DUMB plan before your set your SMART goals, then track your goals and advance your goals as you go. And if you want more details about my Mind Spa Business Accelerator Programme, just contact me for the details at www.jennidonato.com/contact-me 
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    Ep: 031 - The Pricing Problem - Finding The Right Price For Your Products/Services


    Some of the questions I get asked the most inside my membership or from my clients are around their pricing... What should I charge? Will people pay that? Are people not buying because my pricing is too high? But purchases are hardly ever decided on price. Pricing is way more about your own mindset and your money story - and buying is way more about their own mindset and their money story. If you search for people who do the same as you (or selling similar products), you'll find them charging a lot more, and a lot less. So what's the difference? What makes some entrepreneurs successful and others not? And, how do you actually find the right price? Well, first you need to understand Why a low price isn't always good Why you get better clients/customers if you actually charge more What really makes people say yes! ...and only then can you find a price that feels right for you. And if you want to know more about my newly upgraded Mind Spa Business Accelerator Programme, just contact me for info at https://www.jennidonato.com/contact-me/
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    Ep: 030 - The Foundations To Build A Successful & Profitable Business


    There are 4 areas we need to focus on to set up a strong foundation for any business, whether you're a new, first-time entrepreneur or have an established business that needs a bit of a reboot, so today I'm covering the 4 steps from my recent 'Get Set For September' Challenge inside my membership The Sparkle Salon all in this one episode. So, what are they? Vision - You have to know what kind of a business you want to grow - and what you want to achieve - to intentionally grow the business you want. Mindset - You need to notice your current business frame of mind - from fixed, to growth, to success. Money - You need to continually work on your money mindset, work out where your money thermostat is set to and learn to love making money. Plan - You need to use all of the above to build a plan to get you to the business you want, rather than firefighting, procrastinating, getting distracted and ending up with an accidental business you hate. And to find out more about my VIP Strategy Days which will help you do all this in one intensive day with me go to https://www.jennidonato.com/contact-me/
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    Ep: 029 - Maintaining Motivation Despite The Summer Juggle


    So many of us are juggling more than normal right now, with kids off school, summer holidays to plan, organise (and deliver!) and so much to take care of, it can be so difficult to maintain motivation for our business - or any of our other goals! So, in this episode, I will tell you about the 3 elements of motivation - vision, energy and progress - and how to pull them all together so you can maintain momentum with your business AND have a great summer with your family too. If you haven't already taken The Mindset Quiz to find out your mindset type and what's holding you back in your business, just visit https://www.jennidonato.com/the-mindset-quiz/ 
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    Ep:028 Normalising Success And Success Proximity


    As soon as you're born you get 'normalised' to the world around you, from the views of your parents, to your environmental surroundings even your diet and climate. Your view of the world - and beliefs you have - are formed from your experienced and your view of what's 'normal'. So why can't we normalise success? Well we can! If we surround ourselves with success, we can start to believe more is possible for us - and not just possible - only a matter of time. But how can we do this? In this episode I will teach you all about normalising success, success proximity and what exactly you're looking for to make it happen so you can smash through all your life and money goals. If you want to know more about my monthly membership, just contact me at www.jennidonato.com/contact-me
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    Ep: 027 - Accelerate The Growth Of Your Business Without Putting In More Time


    There are 2 parts to gaining momentum with your business - and surprisingly, neither is linked to how much time you have! Firstly you need the mindset to understand what's holding you back, the vision to know exactly what you want to achieve and then the confidence to believe you're capable of getting there. Without this mindset work nothing you try - for example, pumping in more time, working 'harder' or copying the tactics and strategies your competitors use - will work! Only when you have mastered your mindset can you move onto the next step - strategy. Strategy is all about having a business model which brings you leads and is able to be scaled up without having to pump in more time and this is what I'll be going through in my New FREE Masterclass Series 'Mindset & Momentum' to break through your mindset blocks and accelerate your business growth. Make sure you're registered now by going to www.jennidonato.com/mindsetandmomentum/

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