Awaken Your Inner Wisdom with Cissi Williams podcast

Awaken Your Inner Wisdom with Cissi Williams

Cissi Williams

There’s an ancient wisdom living in your bones, wired into your DNA, flowing through your blood - and it’s meant to RISE within you, so it can guide you on your journey, whispering to you where you are meant to go, what you are meant to do, what you are meant to say and to whom. By following this inner wisdom’s guidance, you tune into the Divine Intelligence that’s present in all of life – an intelligence that knows how to guide you - step-by-step - to a life where you can be authentically you, sharing your light, love and unique soul essence with the world. This podcast is dedicated to helping you awaken this inner wisdom within you, through interviews with leading spiritual teachers, shamanic practitioners and wellbeing experts, as well as through many guided shamanic journeys, guided meditations and mystical prayers. For more inspiration visit

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