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Jonathan Foust

Jonathan Foust

Senior teacher at the Insight Meditation Community of Washington and co-founder of the Meditation Teacher Training Institute, Jonathan Foust share weekly talks, guided meditations and inquiries that explore how to cultivate an awakened heart and mind.

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  • Jonathan Foust podcast

    Surrender is a Doorway to Awakening


    This talk explores what it means to surrender in your practice and in your life.   You’ll learn about the skillful use of willful practice as well as the transformational aspects of consciously surrendering to presence, to your path and to reality itself.
  • Jonathan Foust podcast

    Conversations with Depth Practitioners: Following the Path of “The Mind Illuminated,” with Tracy Budd


    This talk explores Tracy’s experiences following the guidance outlined in “The Mind Illuminated,” by John Yates and working with his teacher, Oded Raz.   You’ll learn about the challenges Tracy experienced in this dedicated undertaking, his perspective on small and big insights and how the heart awakens through seeing ever-more clearly in the nature of reality.   Disclaimer: For most, intensive practices require a retreat setting and guidance from a teacher. Please ensure you have support in any depth practice you feel called to. Reference: The Mind Illuminated: A Complete Meditation Guide Integrating Buddhist Wisdom and Brain Science for Greater Mindfulness, by John Yates Tracy’s teacher is Oded Raz, and his website is:    
  • Jonathan Foust podcast

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  • Jonathan Foust podcast

    Letting Go, Letting Be and Surrendering to Presence (Retreat Talk)


    This talk is from the fifth day of 2021 Fall IMCW Vipassana Retreat.   You’ll learn how meditation increases your sensitivity to how you hold on, how the intention to let go can set in motion a process that brings you in direct contact with the mystery — and how letting go and letting be are required to wake up to the nature of reality.
  • Jonathan Foust podcast

    The Call to Practice and Taking Refuge in the Body: Retreat Talk


    This is the first night’s dharma talk from the 2021 New Year’s Retreat. You’ll learn of the call to practice, the challenges that can arise when you are drawn to explore the nature of reality, how your body can be your greatest refuge in your adventures and some suggestions as to how to best navigate the journey toward greater freedom.
  • Jonathan Foust podcast

    Belonging and Not Belonging


    This talk explores how you got cut off from your true nature - and how to reconnect.   You’ll learn about the essential ‘mistake’ you made, the consequences of investing time and attention into not belonging and how turning to the most essential fear y0u carry inside, you can find your way again to belonging.
  • Jonathan Foust podcast

    Conversations with Depth Practitioners: Chasing Enlightenment with Peter Mellen


    This interview with Peter Mellen explores the theme of pursuing awakening. Peter is a film-maker and author of numerous books, among them Ultimate Happiness: Chasing It. Finding It. Living It. He and I shared many years in the ashram and explore the idea of self-improvement as a path as well as the path of eliminating the self. The Path of Love: [] Ultimate Happiness: Chasing It. Finding It. Living It. [] The Group of Seven: [\_1\_1?dchild=1&keywords=the+group+of+seven+peter+mellen&qid=1631288893&s=books&sr=1-1]  
  • Jonathan Foust podcast

    Christ and Buddha Walk Into a Bar ...


    This talk explores similarities in the teachings of Christ and Buddha.   You’ll learn about the principle of ‘Sanatan Dharma,” or Eternal Truth, parallel teachings on inner guidance, guidance for relationships and how to be awake in the world.  
  • Jonathan Foust podcast

    Meditation: Letting Go and Letting Be (26’)


    After settling and arriving through gentle movement you’ll be guided through a progressive body scan, explore softening, relaxing and letting go inside. Moving your attention to an anchor of your choosing, you’ll sense what it means to let go of thoughts and moods and return to the here and now. As the meditation progresses, you’ll deepen your inquiry into letting go by releasing all practices of ‘doing’ and investigate what it feels like to ‘be’ and rest in presence.
  • Jonathan Foust podcast

    How to Let Go


    This talk explores the power of letting go.   You’ll learn what the classic teachings say about letting go, how to incline your mind toward letting go, the sanctuary of selflessness and remembering how you can’t take anything with you at the end.     The Five Daily Reflections   1 - I am of the nature to grow old; there is no way to escape growing old. 2 - I am of the nature to have ill health; there is no way to escape having ill health. 3 - I am of the nature to die; there is no way to escape death. 4  -All that is dear to me and everyone I love are of the nature to change. There is no way to escape being separated from them. 5-  My actions are my closest companions. I am the beneficiary of my actions. My actions are the ground on which I stand.
  • Jonathan Foust podcast

    Your Wounds Can be Your Gifts to the World


    This topic explores how your wounds can become super powers.   You’ll learn how turning toward your wounds can awaken wisdom and compassion, how seeing the wounds in others can you open to intimacy and how wounds are embraced as integral in spiritual awakening.

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