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JK ep. 107 - Weekly VeeCap 11/10 - 11/17

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What a wonderful week it was. The formatting on this is probably going to be terrible, but here is what's in the podcast. Tip the clown here:

Weekly news

Gary is in control.

Coinbase listing for

  • creature world
  • World of women
  • Driftershoots
  • Veefriends

Staples Center is now the Arena

Empathy Wines Announcement

  • 2019 Napa valley cab sav
  • Empathy Elephant
  • Bordeaux: 92 cab, 5
  • Suggested retail: $175+
  • 3 / $85
  • 6 / $75
  • 12 / $70
  • 1200 cases
  • 6 for elephants
  • 3 for last glass standing
  • 3 for sommelier - through

StonerCats - Gary is voicing HashPanda

  • Gary swept the floor ahead of the announcement and then gave away 9 tokens to fans on Twitter.

Very in-depth convo of AskGaryVee

DNA with GaryVee

  • Sara Boumann of Women & Weapons

Podcast Panthers! // MojoMoby

- Blue Studios : Blockchain Adventures of Bella the Blue Dot

  • Still Minting for 0.055

    GOO Giveaway
  • share a gif on Twitter
  • Winner got a VR Yolo Yak GOO
  • Aaron , @blazinAce40SW

Core Panda for 55 eth (underrated) & GOO Rare Gorilla for 48

While specs are selling for 18-22 ETH

White Glove Service
- Core Heart Trooper for 15
- Flex n Fox
- Tasteful Malaysian Tapir

  • Gold self aware hare
  • Lava Juicy Jaguar
  • Lava Observant Oyster

Book Games

  • Head Start
  • Collect them all
  • B&n confirmed “better odds”
  • Just Art involved
  • May get VVVVL
  • NFTs may be delayed until the new year
  • Troubleshooting form & discord tickets

Series 2 is a lower cost of entry to characters I plan to make matter over the next 40 years

  • “Expansion”


  • Flea Market???
  • Garage saling at VeeCon, “I’ve got a lot of ideas.”

In closing:

“The #1 thing I’m sure of is that most of the people who bought the books and will get the “book games” nft(s) will over value the first 3-4 weeks in terms of trying to understand their value and that many will paper hands and many will misunderstand the nfts like they did with series 1 And focus on the games instead of the macro .. too many focused on the confrence and missed the bigger picture @here .. same will happen when the book tokens come out, people will focus on the supply and the games and will realllly miss it .. I’m excited to exceed expeditions again .. and remember @everyone .. games are meant to be played FOREVER”

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