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To travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination.

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  • Jeremy Knows podcast

    JK ep.101 - Weekly VeeCap 10/20 - 10/27


    Quite a few updates in the last week in the VeeFriends space. For a deeper breakdown on V2, check the last episode 100. NFT.NYC is next week and I will be recording from the field next week! As always let me know if I missed anything. :)
  • Jeremy Knows podcast

    JK ep.100 !! - "FUCK LOAD"


    I honestly feel like I need to write a thoughtful description about this journey and the milestone of publishing 100 podcast episodes, but let's be honest. We're only 4 seconds in. We're just getting started and I'm sooooo looking forward to building this with all of you. ------- My endless gratitude to you and a special thanks to anyone who listens through to the end. Thank you thank you thank you.
  • Jeremy Knows podcast

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  • Jeremy Knows podcast

    JK ep. 99 - Daily Download 10/22 - Halloween & VeeCon!


    It's amazing how much can happen in just 48 hours. Lots of updates and news in this podcast as well as a CONTEST and a CALL-TO-ACTION. Check it out. Let me know what you thought. And have a great fuc@ing day! ---------------------
  • Jeremy Knows podcast

    JK ep. 98 - Weekly VeeCap 10/13 - 10/20


    We are at the precipice of some serious momentum in the VeeFriends project. Here's your weekly recap. If there is anything I missed from the week, please let me know on Twitter at @JeremyKnowsVF. ------------ ------------
  • Jeremy Knows podcast

    JK ep. 97 - GaryVee 1/1 Doodle Scavenger Hunt


    This is a long form interview from our Twitch show at Absolute phenomenal story from these two creators! You can follow them here: ---------- BobbyT: MohZee: ---------- Would love to hear your thoughts of this episode on twitter @jeremyknowVF. ----------
  • Jeremy Knows podcast

    JK ep. 96 - Leveling Up in VF Discord


    An overview of the Leveling system in the VeeFriends Discord and some things to look forward to with gamification in the server. :)
  • Jeremy Knows podcast

    JK ep. 95 - VeeFriends Discord 2.0


    This is a breakdown of all the updates that came to the VeeFriends Discord with the rollout of 2.0 and the announcement of Corso as Discord Manager! Check out the next episode for the breakdown up leveling in the discord. Most of the information was read from the #glossary channel which you can find in the Getting Started section. You should also get familiar with #bot-commands as it is a wonderful resource that was added. --------
  • Jeremy Knows podcast

    JK ep. 94 - Daily Download 10/18


    This was a hot & cold podcast . Terrible news regarding the scam of some of the most valuable tokens in the collection, and Gary and team are working VeeCon.
  • Jeremy Knows podcast

    JK ep. 93 - Document > Create


    An off-the-cuff moment turned podcast with my brother @AlexOfftheMoon or @MakOfftheMoon. Talking about some things on my mind and what’s coming next with @WannaBeaVeeFriend. Links at
  • Jeremy Knows podcast

    JK ep. 92 - Weekly VeeCap October 1st - 9th


    This was a MONSTER of a podcast. It clocked in at twice the length of our usual weekly show, but there is just that much action in the space! I hope you are taking advantage of this special moment and utilizing the resources available to this VeeFriends/NFT Community. As always, you can find me on IG at @wannabeaveefriend, or on Twitter at @jeremyknowsVF. ------- Please share the podcast with a friend, I think this was the best one yet! Don't forget to tag me <3 -------- ----- Join the VeeFam DAO Discord:

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