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JK ep.101 - Weekly VeeCap 10/20 - 10/27

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Quite a few updates in the last week in the VeeFriends space. For a deeper breakdown on V2, check the last episode 100.
NFT.NYC is next week and I will be recording from the field next week! As always let me know if I missed anything. :)

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    JK ep. 113 - Weekly VeeCap 11/24 - 12/1


    Another week, another recap! Here's your rundown of last week in VeeFriends and what to look forward to. ------ Here's the links I mentioned: RECUR: TOKEN TROVE IMX: VEEDAO DISCORD: BOOK GAMES BLOG: ONE37pm Twitter Space: ------ Tip the clown:
  • Jeremy Knows podcast

    JK ep. 112 - Daily Download 11/29 - Book Games / Gift Goats & more


    December is going to kick off a cascade of events for VeeFriends. Gift Goats are getting their first gift on Wednesday, a Sorcerer Scholarship announcement is expected before the end of the year, and #TheBookGamesAreComing. ----------- Check out the blog I wrote to catch people up on Book Games: ----------- Tip the clown:
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  • Jeremy Knows podcast

    JK ep. 111 - Daily Download 11/28 (Recap & Brain Dump)


    A little bit of everything in this podcast. Let me know what you think at @jeremyknowsvf on Twitter. ------- Retweet Pranksy for a chance at a Core Tidy Troll - ------ Tip the clown:
  • Jeremy Knows podcast

    JK ep. 110 - Daily Download 11/25


    With my endless and stumbling thanks, I offer you today's daily download. Words can not properly express how thankful I am to be in this community adventure with you all. So much more to come and I look forward to growing with you. ------- Highlights: - Empathy Elephant Cab Sav wine tasting tomorrow at 1pm EST, Black Friday GOO giveaway in the VF Discord (Time TBA,) & Sorcerer Scholarship tokens are to be awarded later today! See you tomorrow! ------
  • Jeremy Knows podcast

    JK ep. 109 - Weekly VeeCap 11/17 - 11/24


    Another week , another VeeCap. I hope that this gets you up to speed with everything going on in VeeFriends. See you this Friday for the wine tasting and the GOO giveaway. Don't forget to change your Twitter profile picture to a VeeFriend! <3 ------------------------------ ----------------------------- VeeFriends Roundup:
  • Jeremy Knows podcast

    JK ep.108 - BOOK GAMES Deep Dive 11/19


    This subject was the overwhelming winner from our twitter poll of "What should the next podcast be on?" I had some notes and ideas to share from the breadcrumbs, but I'm super grateful to GaryVee who jumped into the Discord right as I was planning to stream that gave HUGE insight into the Book Games. Not yet WHAT they are, but more so WHY to play them and he gave more perspective into the long term value and what strategy you should have for the Macro win. Enjoy! ---------- Keep the conversation going on twitter: ---------- Tip the clown:
  • Jeremy Knows podcast

    JK ep. 107 - Weekly VeeCap 11/10 - 11/17


    What a wonderful week it was. The formatting on this is probably going to be terrible, but here is what's in the podcast. Tip the clown here: ----------- Weekly news Gary is in control. Coinbase listing for creature world World of women Driftershoots Veefriends Staples Center is now the Arena Empathy Wines Announcement 2019 Napa valley cab sav Empathy Elephant Bordeaux: 92 cab, 5 Suggested retail: $175+ 3 / $85 6 / $75 12 / $70 1200 cases 6 for elephants 3 for last glass standing 3 for sommelier - through StonerCats - Gary is voicing HashPanda Gary swept the floor ahead of the announcement and then gave away 9 tokens to fans on Twitter. Very in-depth convo of AskGaryVee DNA with GaryVee Sara Boumann of Women & Weapons Podcast Panthers! // MojoMoby PLP - Blue Studios : Blockchain Adventures of Bella the Blue Dot Still Minting for 0.055 GOO Giveaway share a gif on Twitter Winner got a VR Yolo Yak GOO Aaron , @blazinAce40SW Core Panda for 55 eth (underrated) & GOO Rare Gorilla for 48 While specs are selling for 18-22 ETH White Glove Service - Core Heart Trooper for 15 - Flex n Fox - Tasteful Malaysian Tapir Gold self aware hare Lava Juicy Jaguar Lava Observant Oyster Book Games Head Start Collect them all B&n confirmed “better odds” Just Art involved May get VVVVL NFTs may be delayed until the new year Troubleshooting form & discord tickets Series 2 is a lower cost of entry to characters I plan to make matter over the next 40 years “Expansion” VeeCon Flea Market??? Garage saling at VeeCon, “I’ve got a lot of ideas.” In closing: “The #1 thing I’m sure of is that most of the people who bought the books and will get the “book games” nft(s) will over value the first 3-4 weeks in terms of trying to understand their value and that many will paper hands and many will misunderstand the nfts like they did with series 1 And focus on the games instead of the macro .. too many focused on the confrence and missed the bigger picture @here .. same will happen when the book tokens come out, people will focus on the supply and the games and will realllly miss it .. I’m excited to exceed expeditions again .. and remember @everyone .. games are meant to be played FOREVER”
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    JK ep. 106 - Macro//Micro - DNA with GaryVee debuts tonight at 9:40pm est


    I had a great idea in the shower this morning and it was this podcast format! This is our new show Macro//Micro where I look at a Micro decision in the VeeFriends Universe and discuss the Macro strategy and implications for GaryVee. Let me know what you think on IG at @wannabeaveefriend, and Twitter @JeremyKnowsVF. ------------ DNA with GaryVee debuts tonight on Twitter Spaces at 9:40pm est ------------ Tip the clown:
  • Jeremy Knows podcast

    JK ep. 105 - DD - GOO Giveaway, PLP, & VeeCon


    We've got a GOO giveaway tomorrow for Gary's birthday and all the details are here for you! Stick around for updates about Access tokens, VeeCon, the latest PLP and more :) ------------------
  • Jeremy Knows podcast

    JK ep. 104 - Weekly VeeCap 10/31 - 11/10


    It's been another massive week in the VeeFriends project. Take 20 minutes and get caught up with all of the hints, updates, and announcements. Please let me know if there's anything I missed on Twitter at @JeremyKnowsVF. & thanks for listening! -------------------

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