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412 – Yappin’ and Scrappin’

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In which Kelly and Seagle's X-runs begin with immense promise; dark psychic residue gets just everywhere; Storm's past is literally buried; Wolverine is just saying is all; Cecilia Reyes's job doesn't deserve her, and Cyclops and Phoenix are the worst at being normal. X-PLAINED: The Grey family reunion X-Men #71-72 What counts as an Uncanny X-Men #138 cover reference Baggage and also suitcases Steve Seagle’s (scuttled) Phoenix plans Bone whiskers Telemarketer power moves Cecilia Reyes Marrow (Sarah) Sam Guthrie's tiny ponytail The ol’ wall-of-televisions trope The cost of one banana Sebastian Shaw vs the IRS (maybe) A mostly empty attic Wolverine’s etiquette lessons The dessert claw vs the salad claw The physicality of Carlos Pacheco’s art Cannonball, the grown-up in the room Magneto’s increasingly complicated past Magnus, Erik, and Max (again) Uncanny X-Men #351-352 Cecilia Reyes’s return-to-office Intersectionality Pyro, forever dying of the Legacy Virus Daredevil vs Cecilia Reyes’s bedside manner Kevin, Lord of the Jungle Ending conversations by turning into a bird A.I.M.* (*Advanced Idea Mechanics) Crows of Ill Portent A Box of Entity Condors and Cockatoos Logan’s denim proclivities Arcade vs. Mojo Special thanks to Dylan Higgins for edits and production assistance! NEXT EPISODE: X-Force goes to Burning Man! Check out the visual companion to this episode on our blog! Find us on iTunes or Stitcher! Jay and Miles X-Plain the X-Men is 100% ad-free and listener supported. If you want to help support the podcast–and unlock more cool stuff–you can do that right here! Buy rad swag at our TeePublic shop!

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