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398 – Shanna the Wee Devil

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Art by David Wynne. Wanna buy the original? Drop him a line! In which the rest of the X-Men return from space; Maggott is the new cool; Gambit's past catches up with him; Chris Bachalo takes over as regular artist on Uncanny X-Men; Deathbird flirts singularly aggressively; Eany and Meany eat a truck; dating a telepathic ninja is going to take some getting used to; and Havok predictably remains ABD. X-PLAINED Motormouth (Harley Davis) Motormouth and Killpower Uncanny X-Men #347-349 Grovel and Spat A horse guy who is actually a cat-frog-lizard guy An extraordinarily half-assed action figure Load-bearing backstory Landscape The other Nanny Elegant foreshadowing Beast's appearance as a mutant power Gambit's chest hair The end of playtime CCA-compliant foliage Deathbird and Bishop A vanity plate Eany and Meany One-off psychometry Psylocke vs. Maggott Decompression Havok's enduring lack of a Ph.D. NEXT EPISODE: X-Force hits the road! NOTE: In this episode, Miles theorized Grovel's voice as sounding halfway between Cable and Kermit the Frog without realizing that he was in fact just describing Sweetums. -Jay Check out the visual companion to this episode on our blog! Find us on iTunes or Stitcher! Jay and Miles X-Plain the X-Men is 100% ad-free and listener supported. If you want to help support the podcast–and unlock more cool stuff–you can do that right here! Buy rad swag at our TeePublic shop!

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