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Join nutritionist Nicola Moore for an audible feast with friends that will leave you feeling empowered to eat and live well for vibrant health. Championing positive health messages and relationships with food, registered nutritional therapist Nicola Moore has spent the past 20 years having healthy conversations with people. Join her as she bottles and shares fascinating discussions with colleagues and friends from her years in the health industry, as she finds out what it means to them to live healthily.

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    Series 4 - Episode 1 Unapologetic Eating & Living with Olga Bonde


    In this episode, I chat with friend and colleague Olga Bonde about how many of us pick up a range of limiting beliefs about food, and how we should live and take care of ourselves, throughout our lives. Is it correct that we label some foods 'good' while others are 'bad'? Does food need to be earned somehow, in order to be enjoyed? Are these limiting beliefs really serving us? Olga presents a new way to view things, and we cover a range of practical suggestions to step into a new way of viewing things. IG @nicolamoorenutrition FB /NicolaMooreNutrition
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    Series 3 - Episode 8 Genetics & Long COVID with Emma Beswick


    The number of clients I’m seeing with long COVID is growing, and I know there are many people out there who are suffering with the long-term effects of this confusing and shape-shifting illness.  My lovely friend and colleague Emma Beswick from @lifecodegx has been immersed in trying to unpick some of the genetic links affecting those with long COVID, so I wanted to capture a conversation with her about what she is learning, what it means, and what we can do about it.  You may remember Emma from the very first series of Healthily, when she spoke to me about Nutrition & Genetics. It’s one of the most popular episodes of the podcast to date! Emma is an incredible woman with a huge brain and unquenchable interest in nutrigenomics (the scientific study of the interaction of nutrition and genes, especially with regard to the prevention or treatment of disease).  In this episode we discuss how the genes involved in our stress response and oestrogen production that may well impact on our ability to recover from viral infection. And, Importantly, she covers the actionable steps that can be taken to support these pathways. There is so much to take away from this episode, and I’m very grateful to Emma for giving up her time to speak to me.  Thank you, thank you once again to Mother Root for sponsoring this series of the podcast.  Thanks also to all of you for listening and supporting this 3rd series! Today’s episode is the last in this current batch, but I hope to be back with a 4th series before the end of the year. As always, please tag anyone who you think might be interested in this episode, and please do give a 5 star rating (or even a review) if you’re happy to, as that really helps the podcast to be presented to other people.
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    Series 3 - Episode 7 Managing Menopause with Nicki WIlliams


    Happily, the peri-menopause and menopause is now big news, and there has been a real shift in attitude towards talking about, and supporting women though, this life stage. Over my 20 years or so working in the health and nutrition industry, I’ve seen a massive increase in interest in the menopause, and there are now many practitioners, from doctors, nutritionists, life coaches, and more, who are making it their business to work in this field. I’ve always worked with a predominantly female client base, so supporting women as they transition through the peri-menopause and into menopause (and beyond) isn’t new to me. It’s for this reason I wanted to speak to Nicki Williams about this crucial time in a woman’s life, because I know so many people will enjoy taking a listen. There is so much us women (and men!) need to understand about menopause, because it’s so much bigger than having hot flushes and becoming a bit forgetful. As I always say, knowledge is power, and this episode of Healthily is packed with education about the hormonal interplay that happens as we reach mid-life, and what we need to know to stay fit and healthy through the second half of our lives.  In this episode I talk to Nicki about all things hormones, from oestrogen and progesterone through to thyroid and insulin. We also cover the subject of HRT, as Nicki has plenty to say on this. At my clinic we offer testing support for women who are interested in understanding more about their hormone levels, and importantly hormone metabolites, so this is also covered in the episode. It was great to be able to capture this conversation with Nicki, who has so much to say, and such a passion for helping women understand the options available to them. I hope you enjoy listening, and please do share with anyone who you feel would benefit from this episode.
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    Series 3 - Episode 6 Fertility with Sandra Greenbank


    Fertility is understandably a hot topic, but I sometimes get a bit disheartened by the amount of fear mongering that’s put out on social media about all the terrible things we might unwittingly be doing or exposing ourselves to, that could affect our chances of conceiving.  While I’m a firm believer that knowledge is power, there’s a happy balance that needs to be struck, and when it comes to a subject as emotive as getting pregnant, we must acknowledge how vulnerable someone who is desperate for a child might be. It’s for this reason I wanted to capture a conversation with Sandra Greenbank that focussed more on the positives of what we can easily do to improve our chances of conceiving, because there are so many!  What I admire about Sandra is the reason for her desire to help people have healthy babies. Following an impactful experience within her own family unit, Sandra saw first hand that without our health, we have nothing. It was this realisation that compelled her to focus on working in the field of fertility, in order to support families and help the health of future generations to come. I hope this episode brings information, support, practical advice, joy and optimism to anyone who is interested in this important subject. Thank you to Mother Root for sponsoring this episode. Their delicious alcohol free drink is perfect for anyone trying to conceive, or who’s currently pregnant. Use code HEALTHILY15 for a 15% discount before the end of September 2021.
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    Series 3 - Episode 5 Hypothyroid & Hashimoto's with Virginia Blake


    As a nutritional therapist, I find myself supporting clients with hypothyroidism on a regular basis, so I was really pleased when my friend and colleague Virginia Blake agreed to talk to me about this complex and often misunderstood condition. Virginia is a really experienced practitioner and has so much useful information to share about supporting health in a realistic way when living with a chronic health condition.  We cover the basics of the thyroid gland, how it functions, and its role in the body.  We look at what can go wrong with the thyroid, the importance of thorough testing, and Virginia shines a light on some of the symptoms that can be linked to a thyroid disorder, that aren’t always recognised as such. We also cover some of the lesser known considerations when it comes to  Hashimoto’s, which is an autoimmune condition affecting the thyroid gland. This episode provides a frank, insightful and balanced approach to understanding and managing thyroid disorders, and I thank Virginia for sharing her views and opinions, which are very practical and often delivered with her trademark dry humour! Thanks as always to Mother Root ( for sponsoring this episode too! Remember that you can order a bottle of their delicious Ginger Swtichel with a 15% discount using the code HEALTHILY15. This offer is available until the end of September 2021.
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    Series 3 - Episode 4 Mindful Drinking with Bethan Higson


    This is one for all the foodies out there, for anyone looking for inspiration and practical ideas for reducing alcohol, and for those interested in hearing from an inspirational female founder.  Bethan Higson is a wine merchant turned alcohol-free drinks crafter and mum of two. Her experience of juggling life as a new mum, managing exhaustion, anxiety and low mood, is what inspired her to launch Mother Root, a brand that celebrates the role of joy in wellbeing.  Their Ginger Switchel is a neo-aperitif: a flavourful pre-dinner drink inspired by the functional benefits of the traditional aperitif recipes of the past.  Combining flavour and function, Mother Root celebrates the ritual of the end-of-the-day drink in the most positive way. In this episode I chat to Bethan about the emotional connection so many of us recognise when it comes to drinking, and how to harness the positive and joyful in a practical and health promoting way, rather than using drink as a crutch or coping mechanism. We also discuss ways in which to bring additional flavours, aromas and serving techniques to drinks to support physical and emotional wellbeing. This is a really lovely episode, and Bethan is a true inspiration and all round wonderful person. As the sponsor of this series of Healthily, Bethan has also kindly offered all of us a 15% discount on her wonderful drink. I’ve already taken full advantage of this generous offer, and invite you to do the same. Simply use the code HEALTHILY15 at checkout when ordering via her website: I really hope you enjoy listening to this happy and relaxing episode.
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    Series 3 - Episode 3 Fasting with Jeannette Hyde


    There is so much noise these days about fasting. Whether it’s intermittent, time restricted, 5:2, fasting mimicking…. Isn’t it confusing?! Should we be fasting, and if so, what’s the ‘best’ way to do it? Does a ‘best’ way even exist? And if so, what are the benefits and what are the risks? Does more equal better when it comes to fasting? In this episode I speak to Jeannette Hyde, author of The 10 Hour Diet, about all things fasting. We discuss Jeannette’s key findings from the wealth of research she did when writing her book, including how her own assumptions were challenged at times, and where the most up-to-date research is taking when it comes to the role of fasting in health and weight management. We look at some of the common myths that we might be forgiven for making when it comes to fasting, and how taking a sensible, balanced approach is the way forward.  This episode is packed with useful, practical, calm and sensible advice, and I’m very grateful to Jeannette for being so generous with her time and knowledge. Thanks, as always, to Mother Root for sponsoring this episode. Enjoy! x
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    Series 3 - Episode 2 Reflux: Understanding Causes & Finding Solutions with Paula Werrett


    In this episode I talk to Paula Werrett, who brings to the conversation her expert knowledge on the many reasons why we might develop reflux, what we should know about it, and how to tackle it. As with so many health issues, the underlying causes for reflux can be multi-faceted, which is why I was so keen to share this information with you all. Paula also covers the lesser known silent reflux, which is incredibly helpful to know about. We cover stomach acid, but also chat about other, often overlooked, influences on upper digestive health including pepsin and bile. We discuss the impact of small intestine bacterial overgrowth (or SIBO), and Paula also shares useful information on how the gallbladder, the vagus nerve, hormones and stress influence symptoms. This episode is honestly packed with so much information! Paula provides really useful, practical detail on the role that diet can play in the management of reflux, touching on dietary regimes such as the low FODMAP diet (including benefits and drawbacks), and foods to support good digestive health. This is a must-listen for anyone interested in supporting optimal digestive health or looking for more information on how they can manage their symptoms of reflux better.  Please do share with anyone who you think would benefit from listening, and if you find it helpful, please do give it a 5 star rating as this is so, so helpful for getting the podcast to a wider audience and helping more people. Thank you!  Paula: Nicola: Instagram @nicolamoorenutrition
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    Series 3 - Episode 1 Managing Histamine Reactions with Caroline Sherlock


    What is histamine, why can too much make us feel unwell, and what can we do about it? If you suffer for seasonal allergies you may already have an awareness of histamine, but did you know that there are plenty of other signs and symptoms that your histamine bucket might be overflowing and contributing to your health concerns? While histamine is a really important part of an appropriate immune response, you can have too much of a good thing. In this episode I chat to histamine expert Caroline Sherlock about all things histamine, and most importantly, what we can do to keep its levels in check. We cover low-histamine diets, and dig into whether they are actually any good or not. We also look at some of the underlying causes for high histamine including gut health and hormones. Caroline offers an alternative perspective that fits with my own philosophy of avoiding restrictive diets wherever possible, so I was delighted to be able to capture this conversation to share with you.  Thank you Mother Root ( for sponsoring this episode of Healthily xx Caroline’s web address is Nicola’s web address is Instagram @nicolamoorenutrition
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    Series 2 - Episode 8 Improve Your Relationship with Food with Nicola Moore & Gemma Evans


    In this episode I’m the one doing the talking, as talented journalist Gemma Evans asks me about my work. Given this is the first episode of 2021, and acknowledging the fact that many of us start a new year with aspirations for living a healthier, happier life, Gemma was keen to find out how I approach working with clients to help them make positive changes to their diet and lifestyle in a way that cements lasting change, rather than a short-term diet, detox or cleanse. We cover cultural expectation, emotional eating, issues with dietary restriction, why our hormones and monthly cycle should factor into things, and most importantly, why we should forget perfection and find balance. Thank you so much Gemma for suggesting we put this episode together. I am so grateful to you for giving your time to support me and the podcast. Gemma has her own YouTube channel and podcast called healthhackers, the details for which are below, which I highly recommend checking out if you’re not already familiar with it.

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