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This One Life Change Can Prevent Obesity In Your Family | Heal Thy Self | Episode # 225

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Guest Segment  Shawn Stevenson is a Bestselling Author, Speaker, Nutritionist & Strength Coach, who joins the show for the third time to discuss his most recent research on the observable impact of communal eating on overall health.  Shawn Stevenson’s third guest appearance on Heal Thy Self  Is eating together in community essential for our long term health?  Culture guides our eating habits Children who eat with family regularly get more nutrients  Families who eat together consume more fruits and vegetables Eating together prevents chronic disease onset in kids  Evolutionarily people ate as a group  Relationships impact our health  WHY does community have such a large impact?  Planning and scheduling  Family time relieves stress  Human Energetic fields & community What is the biggest thing that is preventing us from eating with family? Creating a micro-culture within your household  Ultra-processed foods in our culture  Bringing your family’s culture with you  Our metabolic response to food is affected by artificial flavor profiles  Whole Food based diets  Becoming addicted to our association with screens while eating  The importance of gratitude practices  Making your table a sacred space  Phones being nearby impacts our ability to focus  How to implement better dinner habits  Find what motivates your family and integrate it into your habits Ads Birch  Thank you Birch Living for sponsoring! Click here https://www.birchliving.com/HEALTHYSELF to get 27% off your Birch mattress (plus two free Eco-Rest pillows!). Offer expires at the end of the month. #birchliving NED Discover how Shuteye Chai can revolutionize your sleep and get 15% off with code DRG. Go to https://www.helloned.com/DRG or enter code DRG at checkout. Biotimizers  To get your free bottle just go to https://www. magbreakthrough.com/drgfree and enter coupon code drg10

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