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#75 Thrive Alcohol Free: A Coffee with Dupe Witherick

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This week I'm having coffee with Dupe Witherick, an alcohol free coach, author of "A Cocktail of Clarity", and host of the Thrive Alcohol Free Podcast! Dupe started off her journey with a 21 day break from alcohol, but after noticing incredible shifts and clarity in just those 3 weeks, she kept going and is now 3 and a half years sober! Dupe is here to spread the message that no matter what our relationship looks like with alcohol, anyone can benefit from a sober life! Her story speaks to the incredible transformation that can come from removing alcohol. You're sure to come away from this one feeling very inspired! Connect with Dupe: Instagram: @thrivealcoholfree Book: A Cocktail of Clarity Website: thrivealcoholfree.com Podcast: Thrive Alcohol Free Podcast Download Dupe's 3 Day Alcohol Free Kickstart Guide Connect with me: Instagram: @happiestsober Join my community: Happiest Sober Hub Subscribe to my newsletter: happiestsober.com If my content has helped you on your sober journey and you'd like to support my work, you can buy me a coffee dchoices

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