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#68 A Coffee with Kelly U

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This week I'm having coffee with Kelly U! Kelly is a content creator I've been following for years and I was so excited to get to have this conversation with her! She has been sober from both alcohol and weed for nearly 4 years and in this episode we chat all about her sobriety journey. We also talk about numbing, sitting with our feelings (and ourselves!) in sobriety, friendships, letting go of what others think about us, allowing our identities to evolve in recovery, and so much more! Connect with Kelly: Instagram: @kellyu TikTok: @_kellyu Youtube: @kellyuu Connect with me: Instagram: @happiestsober Weekly newsletter: happiestsober.com Sober community: Happiest Sober Hub Travel with me: sober trip to Croatia Thank you for supporting my show by supporting my sponsors! You can view my list of current sponsors here. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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