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#60 A Coffee with Jen Hirst

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This week I'm having coffee with Jen Hirst, an absolute powerhouse in the sober community! Jen's story really speaks to the fact that problematic drinking is a progressive thing. She had to lose a lot before she was ready to quit drinking, but she completely turned her life around by getting sober and by eventually releasing her shame and recovering out loud. She has such an inspiring story and she shares it with us in this episode! We also chat about how to sit with our uncomfortable emotions in sobriety and she shares some motivation for getting a consistent morning routine in place (always my goal!). This conversation was super inspiring and you're sure to take a lot away from it! Connect with Jen: Instagram: @jenleehirst Monthly membership: Lighthouse Sobriety Group coaching: DRY100 Connect with me: Instagram: @happiestsober Weekly newsletter: happiestsober.com Community: Happiest Sober Hub Sober trips: join me in Croatia in May 2024 Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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