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Black Coffiend

A podcast where three friends talk about horror movies that they either love or hate. Sometimes we try to sway eachother's opinion.

18 Episodes

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    Black Christmas: Tickling the Ivory


    In this return episode, the gang talks about Bob Clark's 1974 Holiday Classic, Black Christmas. This movie has been a horror favorite for decades, completely transcending the idea of a holiday horror film. This flick takes a well deserved spot as one of the earliest slasher films centering around the mysterious call from within the house. Almost fifty years after its release, women are still facing the same struggles in society.
  • Ghoul Pool podcast

    Malignant: Y.S.B.B.


    Take the wild ride with us as we talk about James Wan's newset film: Malignant. This was a first time watch for Derek, Nick, and Justin alike and we all somehow managed to rate it exactly the same. Have you seen this wacky film and if so what did you think? Should there have been more traps and game playing, or more fraudulent couples exploiting terrified families? EIther way, buckle up because you are in for it! *Subtitle would have been a spoiler* * Your Secret Brain Brother *
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  • Ghoul Pool podcast

    Body Melt: I came here for a body melt but all I got was two hunks


    In this episode we tackle Derek's choice of film, Phillip Brophy's 1993 Bodymelt. The synopsis for this film is as follows:  A mad scientist's (Ian Smith) vitamin pill causes horrific side-effects in its suburbanite consumers.  However, I absolutely would not rely on that bit of information whatsoever. What did we think of this film? You'll have to listen to find out!
  • Ghoul Pool podcast

    Lifeforce: Nudies in the Tug Bay


    Join us while we discuss the 1985 film about energy vampires directed by Tobe Hooper, the mastermind behind The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Poltergeist! With a budget of $22.5 million dollars and a box office gross of $11.6, how can we go wrong? Have you seen this wildly strange film and does it stand the test of time? Will the memory of a twelve year old boy be enough to light the fire in the hearts of these horror fans? FIND OUT NOW!
  • Ghoul Pool podcast

    Burned at the Stake: Scary Stories to Tell in the Øvredark


    Just a little side rant about André Øvredal  and Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.
  • Ghoul Pool podcast

    Troll Hunter: They're Alive!


    In this long installment of Ghoul Pool, Nick, Derek, and Justin go absolutely ham talking about the killer 2010 film Troll Hunter. We dive deep into the important questions such as; if trolls exist, does that mean god exists? How many flavors of Nickelodeon Gak are there? Do trolls really have silky smooth hair? How many people lie about being Christian in the presence of trolls?  ***At one point Justin makes a Blair Witch reference and says "Mary Shaw," when he in fact means "Mary Brown."*** Who's the dummy now?
  • Ghoul Pool podcast

    Alice, Sweet Alice: The Holy Terror


    On this wild ride, Derek, Nick, and Justin discuss the 1976 film Alice, Sweet Alice. As you can tell by the episode run time, there is a lot to unpack with this one, including creepy neighbor with cats, brick face smashing, multiple staircase stabbings, spooky masks, and obscenely bright raincoats. Buckle up, because it's a doozy!  Check us on on Instagram @ghoulpoolpod and let us know what you think!
  • Ghoul Pool podcast

    Near Dark: Finger Lickin' Good


    In this episode we talk about Kathryn Bigelow's Near Dark. A gloomy film about a group of transient Vampires as old as the stars. Being released in 1987 this is a super interesting and innovative take on what the vampire genre is capable of. Does it stand the test of time? Is there still room for this film today among all the other Vampire takes? There is also a new cohost!
  • Ghoul Pool podcast

    Nazi Punks Fuck Off: Green Room


    In the 10th episode of Ghoul Pool, Derek and Justin tackle Jeremy Saulnier's Green Room. This 2015 siege thriller/horror film is an absolute masterclass in suspense and tension. We had an absolute blast talking about this film and would highly recommend it to anyone who hasn't seen it yet! 
  • Ghoul Pool podcast

    Who's the Dummy Now? Dead Silence


    In this episode Justin and Derek talk about James Wan's follow up to Saw, Dead Silence. Justin is revisiting it for a second time after almost 15 years, and Derek is just now seeing it for the first time. Dead Silence is some what of a cult classic for some folks, and to others just another movie about puppets and dolls. Let us know how you feel about this film on Instagram @ghoulpoolpod

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