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Energy Replacement in the Light of Aging with Dr. Shahaf Peleg

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Tune in to hear from Dr. Shahaf Peleg, PhD, a co-founder of Luminova Biotech and a researcher at the Research Institute for Farm Animal Biology as we explore the exciting work by the pioneers in the field of tackling age-related disorders with a light-activated energy replacement tool.

🔬 Join us as we explore the exciting work by the pioneers in the field, who are pushing the boundaries of science by converting light energy into mitochondrial chemical energy - MtON technology. It's not just a paradigm shift; it's a revolutionary way of thinking about human evolution as we face the disorders of aging.

🧬  Key topics explored:

1️⃣ Discovery of a light-activated proton pump in fungi and exploration of its applications in humans

2️⃣ Energy replacement and its place in mitochondrial dynamics

3️⃣ Connection between epigenetics and metabolism in the pursuit of combating diseases of aging

4️⃣ Comparisons to photobiomodulation as a mitochondrial biogenesis tool

5️⃣ Considerations in the experimental design of a human gene therapy targeting local mitochondria for potential restoration of eyesight and beyond

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