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23. Gifts for Gamers, Heave Ho & Serious Sam 4

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What's on your holiday wish list? Erik asks the Dogfathers what they want for Christmas. Smitty & Dan sit down virtually with Alex Muttoni, co-founder of Le Cartel, to talk about their games Mother Russia Bleeds and Heave Ho. Then, things get serious as Smitty talks about the next Special Reserve Games release: Serious Sam 4 for PC.

The Signature Editions and Special Reserves of Crossing Souls and The Swords of Ditto: Mormo's Curse are on sale now at

Time stamps:

1:12 – Halloween is over!

10:30 – The Dogfathers’ Holiday Wish Lists

26:25 – Interview with Alex Muttoni, Co-founder of Le Cartel

52:15 – Serious Sam 4: coming soon to SRG

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