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Mini-Episode 11: Climbing Doesn't Change You

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Welcome back to the podcast. I’ve always been a huge advocate of change, but not always the good kind. Usually the “shake the snow globe, throw caution to the wind” chaotic kind. Lorca from episode sixteen, season three, sporadically sends a newsletter which, as a person who hates all newsletters because they melt me down into an unproductive diatribe about marketers who clearly have no regard for CAN-SPAM laws—I love receiving this one. This week’s newsletter subject line was “Resilience Loves…Change”:

“People who want clearly are dangerous to the status quo. They are natural catalysts. Things will change around them.”

Up next is our eleventh mini-episode which is comprised of audio you sent in, answering the question: “How did climbing change your life?”

We’re always taking audio submissions and pitches. Contact us through our submission form on, and tune in next Monday, April first, for the first episode of season six.

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