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Episode 18 - Tannia Falconer and Cecy Restrepo on Syntropic Agroforestry, Veganism, and Regeneration

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Tannia Falconer and Cecy Restrepo are two regenerative leaders who work to spread syntropic agroforestry practices throughout the greater Barichara territory. They are also outspoken advocates for veganism as a means of cultivating greater regenerative outcomes for people, the planet, and animals. To promote veganism Tannia has founded a company called Mettā Vegana to be found on Facebook and Instagram. In this episode, Tyler Hruby discusses with them their time in Barichara, syntropic agroforestry, spirituality, and how they see veganism as the thread connecting all their work. Tannia and Cecy are two truly warm souls who fully embody their regenerative life philosophy. We hope you enjoy getting to know them and their work better in this episode of the Earth Regenerators podcast.

Tyler Hruby is following his intellectual curiosity, exploring the overlapping nature of personal, social, and environmental regeneration.

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