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College Football Playoffs - The race to fourth spot

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Welcome one and all to the NFL Draft Punk Podcast.

In this episode, we discuss college players and teams, that have surprised us. Be that underperformed or outperformed our expectations.

Secondly, we discuss the race to the college football playoff fourth spot and talk about Kev's article for The Jet Sweep. Are the top three teams already a lock to make it? Who are the favourites to join them? Are there any dark horse teams to sneak in?

A link to the article is here.

Finally, we end with Teddys Teasers for the week four college matchups. There are a few of us going Lone Wolf with the picks. The matchups are as follows

West Virginia @ Virginia Tech
Minnesota @ Michigan State
Clemson @ Wake Forest
Baylor @ Iowa State
Texas @ Texas Tech
Arkansas @ Texas A&M

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