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Biden to the rescue?

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We're back!!! We've taken a break, had another lockdown and now we're back with part 2 of series 1. And to kick things off, we're tackling one of the hot topics of the past few weeks: the Presidential Election. Joined by US strategist and Senior Policy Advisor, John Bleed, we look at what a Biden victory might mean. We discuss; four years of Biden and his reset, "Trumpism", the future of Roe v. Wade, voter suppression, AOC, republican women taking the House and will Ivanka Trump run for president or will 2024 be the election of Kamala Harris versus Nikki Haley?! Tune in to hear all of this and much, much more. Huge thanks again to John for this super interesting discussion and the invaluable insights! (Recorded 24 Nov 2020)

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