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Lethal Lit Book & Podcast Season 2 Announcement

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LETHAL LIT is back and Fall 2021 is going to be positively deadly! First, Max, and Wyn and I are teaming up for an all-new mystery in our first original novel, coming to you from Scholastic. This time, we dig into the Murder of Crows, Hollow Falls’ secretive armchair detective club. Keep your ears peeled for more info next year, and mark your calendars for the book’s release date: September 1st, 2021...Then the Lit Killer saga continues in Season 2 of the Lethal Lit podcast. Friends new and old return to Hollow Falls for the grand reopening of the Montague Hotel. But the guests are in for a rude awakening when the bodies begin to drop. Stay tuned Listeners, Fall 2021 is going to be LETHAL. Head to EEPUniverse.com for the lastest Lethal Lit news, updates, and more!

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