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This season we are in Crawley, in West Sussex, England. A new town that was created in 1947, merging the villages of Three Bridges and Ifield with the small market town of Crawley filling in the gaps.

In October 2023 we asked six local teenagers to take six local artists on a walk with them through Crawley. From their walk to school, the places they hang out, where they go to for some peace, and the places they feel most alive and connected. These journeys have unearthed how they feel about Crawley and the world around them, their hopes, and what is important to them. 

In this episode, we meet… Patience & Woodzy. Patience is 19 has lived in Crawley for most of her life and has an affinity with elegant eyelashes, helping people and the power of nature. 


Woodzy is an award-winning Flo Poet, 2x TEDx Speaker and winner of UK unsigned 2019. As seen on BAFTA winning TV show Life And Rhymes, and also on Sky Sports Fight Night Live at Wembley Arena.

We join Patience and Woodzy near Broadfield Library where they talk about how important Crawlery is to them, a little lesson in RAP and they even save a pigeon.

Places and artists mentioned:

Bucham Park



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