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Lee Pollard (P&C Partners) Selling, Strategising, & Scaling | Confessions of a Recruiter #37

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Lee Pollard is the man of the hour this week on #Confessions! 馃帣

Honest, humble, and in it all for the right reasons, Lee鈥檚 positive energy is infectious! After nearly 20 years in sales, Lee started his agency, P&C Partners, back in 2019 & has grown it to a highly effective team of 4.聽
From some out-of-the-box BD strategies, how selling cars had him thinking he had the Midas touch, to the humbling experience of starting a business, Lee wasn鈥檛 afraid to share the good, the bad, and the ugly.聽
As a leader with plenty of values, it was great getting to know how he instills these into his team, and ultimately what makes him tick.聽

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