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Blake Thompson & Declan Kluver (Xrecruiter Co-Founders) I Confessions of a Recruiter #36

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Lee Pollard from P&C Partners was our guest for this weeks podcast, but unfortunately due to technical difficulties we are unable to bring you that podcast. But do not fret Lee will be back again in the future to finish confessing. In the mean time Blake and Declan talk about what is going in the world of recruiting.

First off the bat is some exciting news that Xrecruiter is now a preferred partner of the Recruitment, Consulting & Staffing Association (RCSA), the peak body for the recruitment, staffing & workforce solutions across Australia and New Zealand.

Through this partnership Blake and Declan, along with the media team will be in Sydney on June 1 for RCSA Talent X 2023 - A Solutions Focused Expo and that evening at the Australian Industry Awards Night 2023. 

Event information and ticketing can be found below

Talent X:

Australian Industry Awards Night:

So come along and meet the guys and see what big surprises we have planned for our trip from Brisbane to Sydney.

Speaking of partnerships the podcast has its first sponsor, tune in next week to find out who it is!

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