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CR051: Data culture for everyone with Iain Niven-Bowling, Harbr_

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Can tech democratisation and AI help solve the perennial problem of how we get access to our data and leverage it for new value without having to build it and hope that they come!

This week Dave, Sjoukje, and Rob talk to Iain Niven-Bowling, CTO, Harbr about the data architecture crimes of the past that we still live with, data democratisation, better ways to access and connect to data sources and make data available via natural language interfaces.

01:04 Streaming confusion
06:00 Cloud conversation with Iain Niven-Bowling
23:35 GenAI as the starting point for innovation
31:00 the Fan Dance!

Iain Niven-Bowling:

Dave Chapman:
Sjoukje Zaal:
Rob Kernahan:

Marcel van der Burg:
Dave Chapman:

Ben Corbett:
Louis Corbett:

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