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CR050: Wiring your organisation for success with Gene Kim, Author (Pheonix/Unicorn Project)

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As a special treat in what we think is our 50th studio episode, we have an extended conversation with none other than Gene Kim, industry thought leader and author of The DevOps Handbook, the seminal Pheonix Project, the Unicorn Project, and now Wiring the winning organisation.  Gene is one of the true thought leaders in modern tech and its exciting to explore the themes of Cloud Realties with him!

The gang talk about Genes early work, then deep dive into his new work, which reaches outside the realms of tech and talks about what it takes to become a modern organisation.

01:00 Easy to let facts get in the way of a good story
04:30 Extended cloud conversation with Gene Kim
43:10 Playing with AI!

Gene Kim:

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