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CR049: TechnoVision 2024 pt 2: Thriving on data with Robert Engels, Capgemini

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Each year Capgemini publishes TechnoVision - a comprehensive prediction of the year in business tech to come, along with useful principles that guide both its prediction and use.  It seeks to bring some fresh thinking to the technology business issues of today.

In this special two part episode Dave, Sjoukje & Rob talk to Robert Engels, Global CTIO for AI Futures, Head of Generative AI Lab at Capgemini, about a foundational theme of TechnoVision 2024, data and AI.  They cover whether investment cycles are keeping up with the hype curve, data eco systems, new risks and issues introduced by AI and whether we are still using the same old use cases, or if new and previously unimaginable use cases are now emerging.

01:45 Lego Data model?
03:47 Cloud conversation with Robert Engels
45:20  Forbes tech trends
44:12  Snow games and seeing how 2024 develops!

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