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CR047: Christmas Special! A RenAIssance - The Rome Call for AI Ethics with Father Paolo Benanti, Advisor to the Vatican and United Nations

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There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence, and specifically GenAI, has been one, if not the, most widely discussed and debated subjects of the year.  The question of AI ethics and how seriously to take the impact of AI on society is one of the biggest and most polarising questions of our time.

In this very special Christmas episode Dave, Sjoukje, and Rob talk about the ethical issues inherent in any technology use, which are specifically critical when it comes to AI, with Father Paolo Benanti, Professor of Ethics & Technology, Pontificia Università Gregoriana, Advisor in the Vatican and member of the Advisory Board to the General Secretary of the United Nations.  We also cover the incredible roles he has with the Vatican and UN, how he frames ethical use of AI and 'The Rome call for AI Ethics'.  We then talk about how the importance of understanding the challenges and risks of implementing AI.

01:07 Super-Cloud!
05:02 Cloud conversation with Paulo Benanti
39:40 Understanding the challenges and risks of AI implementation
46:47 Some time over Christmas to read a good book!

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