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CR046: The Cyber conversation Boards should be having, but probably aren't with Simon Hodgkinson, Board Advisor

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Cyber has long been a top risk for businesses.  However, it is still often perceived as an IT or tech issue, rather than the existential risk to the business that it could be.  It is also likely that Cyber will continue to grow as an issue, and in complexity, as we enter the AI-age.

This week Dave, Sjoukje, and Rob talk to Simon Hodgkinson, ex-FTSE 100 CISO & Board and Executive Advisor, about the history of the Cyber threat, current threat levels and attack surfaces, sensible mitigations and what is missing in the conversation that Boards and senior teams are having about the Cyber risk.  They also talk about the top trends in the world of Cyber security in 2024.

01:00 Rob can't work Bluetooth!
04:30 Cloud conversation with Simon Hodgkinson
37:14 Top Cyber Trends 2024
43:10 Some summer sun! 

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