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CEO Sales Insights with Simon Tate, President APAC Adobe

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In this episode Tony Hughes - Co-Founder and Sales Innovation Director of Sales IQ Global, talks with Simon Tate, President of Asia Pacific for Adobe.

Simon shared that he doesn't accept 99% of outreach attempts he receives from Sales people.🤯

Yes you read that right. 99%. Why do we love hearing this? 🤷🏻‍♂️ Because it's the 1% that holds the key.

Simon shared exactly what would trigger him, to take a meeting with a sales professional.

  • If the outreach was personalised
  • Shared a point of view and had a clear reason for connecting
  • Was focused on one of the two key drivers that are important to Simon
  • Top line growth or bottom line return
  • Was action based, versus information based

Then Simon would consider responding. And what was truly interesting, is that Simon said

He receives too many emails. And that no one calls him much. And if the phone rings he answers it.

Tune in to hear this incredible content.

Simon Tate:

Simon Tate currently serves as the Asia Pacific President of Adobe; the 2nd most valuable Enterprise Software Company in the world by market cap. Prior to his role leading Adobe, Simon was the SVP and COO for Salesforce Asia. Simon is a 25 year technology and business veteran who has also held senior roles at software companies’ SAP and Dell / EMC.

Simon is the creator of the Patent pending P6 Risk Management application used by Professional B2B sales people to identify and mitigate deal-related risk in high value sales pursuits.

An avid Rugby fan and enjoying his weekends boating on Sydney’s Pittwater with family and friends, Simon now calls Sydney home where he lives with his wife and 2 teenage children.

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