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Chapter 5 - The Definition of Insanity

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January 2015. New San Diego mayor Kevin Faulconer triumphantly declared in his first State of the City address that he would be assembling a group of civic leaders to “keep the Chargers in San Diego where they belong.” But the Chargers were no longer the only team eyeing a move to Los Angeles. The Rams and Raiders, former Angelenos themselves, were also mulling a move back. This episode chronicles the final two years of the San Diego Chargers. When the city was confronted with the errors of its past, the political and financial realities of its present, and the great unknown of its future, and the team was faced with its ultimate choice.

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Written and edited by Raphie Cantor

Produced by Ben Stein

Mixing and Original Music from Jordan Cantor

Audio in this episode from: KPBS, Spencer Mosher, Marty Caswell, and the City of San Diego

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