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062 Getting to Know Your Students Makes All The Difference

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Getting to know your students makes all the difference in your classroom and in your planning.  Here's how I recommend you get to know your students. 

  1. Let the kids get to know you. 
  2. Get to know you questions. Grab your copy of my 180 questions of the day
  3. Take an interest in what the kids do. 
  4. Attend school events.
  5. Get to know the families and the community. 

Reasons getting to know the students is beneficial to you: 

  1. It's not miserable. 
  2. Parent contact is easier. 
  3. Kids care about you and will let you be a human being. 
  4. Kids root for you. 
  5. Kids appreciate what you do for them because they know it comes from the heart. 
  6. Kids work hard (listen for more details - this is important)
  7. Your classroom is a happy & safe place. 
  8. You become a person that kids trust and can go to for help. 

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