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Accessory To Thought

Joshua Young & Ben Thompson

ATT, your catalyst to deeper thinking

ATT is a Christian podcast that contains elements of philosophy, general in depth discussion, and religion, portrayed in a way to hopefully interest the viewer in such things as well as better their lives and those around them, however small it may be.

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29 Episodes

  • Accessory To Thought podcast

    Why be a Christian? (ATT #29)


    You've read the title, so.. what's the answer? Well this video doesn't claim to completely answer the question nor do it perfectly, however Ben kicks us off with that simple question. What does it mean to even be a Christian or non- Christian? Our we set free by these strange beliefs or constricted? And if we are to be Christians, what are we to do in light of that? If these things intrigue you, enjoy.Support this podcast at —
  • Accessory To Thought podcast

    God's Heartache (Hosea - ATT #28 - Heroes of Old 3)


    How can I give you up, O Ephraim? How can I hand you over, O Israel? This is the story of Hosea, a prophet tasked to personify God's heartache over Israel, Hosea married a whore who was unfaithful, yet he walked in Christ-like love the whole way. From Hosea, to Luke, Ephesians and even Revelation, with personal stories in the mix too! This is a must watch from ATT, and the 3rd installment of the Heroes of Old series. Enjoy!Support this podcast at —
  • Accessory To Thought podcast

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  • Accessory To Thought podcast

    Distraction (ATT #27 - A Glance at Timothy)


    On this episode we run over one of Pauls letters to Timothy. We discuss how Paul portrays a goal all Christians should strive toward without deviating. Put simply? Get your head in the game, stay on the straight, and do not get distracted with civilian pursuits. Support this podcast at —
  • Accessory To Thought podcast

    Nihilism (ATT #26 - Worldview of the Blind | Materialism - 2)


    This is the second episode of the Materialism series where Josh continues his attack on the Materialist worldview, this time he leans on the uselessness of the Materialist worldview when it is in it's purest form, he also discusses Nihilism, and particularly the circular reasoning of 'Active Nihilism', the optimistic idea of "if there is no meaning, then why not?". Enjoy!Support this podcast at —
  • Accessory To Thought podcast

    David Pt2 (ATT #25 - Love from Tragedy | Heroes of Old 2)


    ATT, your catalyst to deeper thinking.This is part 2 of the David episode from the 'Heroes of Old Series' where Ben takes us through the second half of David's life and relationships. Powerful stories, From Saul contacting Samuel after his death, historic battles, and the resolution between 2 families. There is a lot to be learned, in this episode of ATT.Support this podcast at —
  • Accessory To Thought podcast

    Carl Blackwell (ATT #24 - No Half Measures | Testimonials 2)


    On this episode of ATT, we have guest Carl Blackwell on to share is Christian faith, as well as some key events in his life. From tragedy to strength, there is a lot to be learned.Support this podcast at —
  • Accessory To Thought podcast

    David (ATT #23 - Relationships and Priorities | Heroes of Old Part 1)


    The first of Ben's 'Heroes of Old' series, where we start off with David. There are few people who could tell a more interesting life story, from starting off as a humble shepherd, to ending up as one of the most powerful men on the earth. With action, betrayal, and a little bit of giant slaying, there is a lot to be learned about this man's story. This is the first of a two parter on David, stay tuned for the second part. Support this podcast at —
  • Accessory To Thought podcast

    The Burning Bush (ATT #22 - Faith, Fire, and Dragons | Moses Part 2)


    A bush burning, but not consumed. A small side story? Or a microcosm of all reality? From the Virgin Mary, to the Fiery Furnace, 'The Life of Moses' to the life of Paul, from Revelation to Isiah, from dragons, to the armour of God. The links between these stories are not arbitrary nor coincidental. Listen as Josh uncovers a fraction of the meaning behind the Burning Bush, how it relates to the rest of the Bible, and our own lives.Support this podcast at —
  • Accessory To Thought podcast

    A Society of Courage (ATT #21 - Foundations of an Ideal World)


    What does the 'Ideal World' look like? And where does it begin? And how does courage play in with the realisation of love? These are not political questions but personal ones, because the foundations of the 'Ideal World' begin in your every day life.Support this podcast at —
  • Accessory To Thought podcast

    A Refutal of Materialism (ATT #20 - Materialism Part 1)


    Can everything that exists be reduced to physical processes? At a first glance, if you are indeed living in the 21st century the answer is a reflective resounding yes! However is this a logical conclusion? Or has the modern mind been utterly blindsided with presuppositions? Josh says his piece, what is the hypothesis? You can only conclude materialism by assuming materialism, hence its foundation is one of fallacy, circular reasoning. Please enjoy and consider the points made.Support this podcast at —

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