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Harvest Blessing & Yoga Sutra 1.33

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Sweet Doves,

Thank you for listening to this Blessing that emerged from the FULL MOON IN ARIES and a discussion of Yoga Sutra 1.33.

LOVE TO ALL+++ kelly

COMPLETE SHOW-notes at yokedpodcast.com/

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    Meditation for Transitions


    LOVE TO ALL+++ In this episode, I share a guided meditation inspired by a cohort of planets stationing direct & the shift to Scorpio season. Let what is supporting you truly support you. A FREE way to support this show is to share it with a friend and rate & review us in Apple Podcasts. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT. Join the Wildcat Yoga Club, an online space for practice, study & connection.
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    Practice Protocol


    Om tat sat! Happy to be here together today! This episode features a process for creating a practice and care protocol using 1) the kosha system to consider all aspects of self and 2) the lens of curiosity and reverence to both accept ourselves and continue to encourage growth. I made a special workbook for you for this episode. You can download it right here. My main teaching home is the Wildcat Yoga Club, an online community for practice, study and connection. New members are always welcome. Support the show by leaving me a tip in PayPal. To learn more about my practice and my offerings, please visit sunroseyoga.com/. Thank you for being here.
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    Centering Seasonal Rhythms


    Sweet Listeners, hello! And love to all. This episode features an elemental, astrological, practice-focused review of the season we are just departing and a process for calling in what is next. >>> To support this work, I invite you to join our practice community at http://www.wildcatyogaclub.com/ +++ UPCOMING/incoming: BEGIN where you are: 1/9 FROM the void into the COLLECTIVE: 1/18 KARMA circle: 1/19 LOVE. complete show-notes at yokedpodcast.com
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    Pada// Finding Your Feet


    Hi Sweet Sangha, Today's episode is a mini-workshop all about the feet. In this workshop, I share a process for engaging with the feet in ways that are experiential, non-hierarchical and evolving. I made us a workbook in support of this exploration, it's in the full show-notes over at yokedpodcast.com/  If this show means something to you, please consider supporting the mission by leaving a rating and review in Apple podcasts, sharing with a buddy or contributing financially via paypal. THANK YOU. love to all+++
  • YOKED podcast

    Harvest Blessing & Yoga Sutra 1.33


    Sweet Doves, Thank you for listening to this Blessing that emerged from the FULL MOON IN ARIES and a discussion of Yoga Sutra 1.33. LOVE TO ALL+++ kelly COMPLETE SHOW-notes at yokedpodcast.com/
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    Seasonal Check-in// A Process for Centering


    In this episode of YOKED, we drop into a practice for noticing tiny shifts in ourselves, our communities and our environment to create rituals for honoring the seasons and cycles of our lives. Thank you so much for being here. For complete show-notes, visit: http://yokedpodcast.com/ This month, we're supporting fire recovery efforts, local mutual aid funds and movements for Black lives. To learn more about our community support efforts, please head over to http://www.sunroseyoga.com/mission-and-values/ Next yoga immersion begins on 9/14/2020. Learn more and & register here: http://www.sunroseyoga.com/shruti-learning-to-listen/ Join my online practice community: https://www.wildcatyogaclub.com/ LOVE TO ALL+++++
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    Summer Reading List


    HELLO dearest, sweetest listeners. Thank you so very much for being here. In today's episode, I'm sharing what is on my bedside reading table for this season. I'd love to hear what you're reading. ALSO, I've been envisioning a new way to engage with Patreon and would love to hear your feedback.  LOVE TO ALL, kelly yokedpodcast.com sunroseyoga.com
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    Brahmacharya: To Dwell in Vastness


    In today's episode, I respond to a listener question about Brahmacharya with a discussion about this Yama in the context of the greater purpose of the path and with specific ways to integrate this teaching into your everyday life.  Like the show? Please share us with a friend. THANK YOU FOR BEING. FUTURE blessings II. To receive my weekly newsletter (centering the work of Living the Yoga). To join my online practice community: the Wildcat Yoga Club. To purchase & receive immediately downloadable teachings. To support the show. The Sunrose Yoga website.
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    CEDAR meditation


    Beloved listeners, A medicinal meditation for your revolutionary spirit. We are in the midst of the uprising! My family is fully committed to our practice of unlearning white supremacy and dismantling the structures that perpetuate the oppression of Black people. Black LIFE Matters. To that end, we're demonstrating, protesting, writing, calling, learning, donating and loving on our neighbors. Most of you know, I already donate 15% of my income to causes that align with my stated values-- check it out here-- and this month, we supported the Minnesota Freedom Fund and Movement Generation. Thanks for supporting my work so that I can make those donations happen. SUPPORT THE WORK! You can support me by subscribing, reviewing, sharing this podcast far & wide. You can support by becoming a PATRON or just sending some financial support to me via PAYPAL. You can support by joining our online practice community The Wildcat Yoga Club. You can support by attending my class at North Portland Yoga (via ZOOM from anywhere!) or by registering for a workshop, immersion or training. THANK YOU. SO MUCH. LOVE YOU!
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    Making & Taking Care


    Dear Listener, Thank you for being here. TRULY. This episode is a mini-workshop on how we make & take care: during COVID & always. I made a workbook to go with the episode. Click here to receive. SUPPORT THE SHOW. ((THANK YOU.)) Share with a friend! Rate & review in Apple Podcasts. Become a Patron. Join my Yoga Practice Community.

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