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For the Husbands Listening: Top Tips To Be a Better Lover | Ep. 52

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This episode is for the men listening out there! I often get emails from husbands asking me for advice on what they can do to help their wife enjoy sex more. Maybe they’ve listened to my podcast or read my website, so these men already understand it’s not about labelling her with “low libido” or getting her to fix herself. They understand there is a much larger societal issue behind her lack of desire, but they have no idea how to approach her with this information.

I’m offering valuable advice on how to become a safe, supportive, and encouraging husband. It’s hard but necessary to acknowledge the role you play in your marriage and what you’ve brought in from the terrible education received from porn, media and locker room talk. I’ll help you answer the tough questions swirling in your head.

This work takes a lot of courage and a whole bunch of relearning, but I've witnessed many men change their ways to become a better lover and I know you can too.

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