Wanting It More: The Truth about Low Sex Drive in Women podcast

Wanting It More: The Truth about Low Sex Drive in Women

Janna Denton-Howes: Marriage Coach | Sex Educator | Low Libido Expert

Wanting It More is about empowering women (and the men who love them) to heal from cultural messages so that they can discover true pleasure and connection in their sexual relationship and marriage.

Labels like, “low libido” and “low sex drive” simply focus on the wrong thing. Women are NOT low in anything if they struggle to want and enjoy sex. The problem is they aren’t free to discover themselves without the shame and guilt that have been heaped on them by societal expectations and unintentional pressure from men.

I'm Janna Denton Howes, a Marriage & Intimacy Educator and Desire Expert. I've dedicated my life to understanding the complexities of intimacy in relationships, particularly from the female perspective. I've developed the Wanting It More program, which has brought comfort, understanding, and ultimately, improvement to thousands of women struggling with low libido.

If you’re looking for a fresh perspective that leaves you feeling empowered, hopeful and curious to create a sex life in your relationship that feels 100% safe and comfortable FOR YOU- you’re in the right place. If you’re a husband trying to understand and find solutions to your wife’s lack of interest in the bedroom and learn about your role in this dynamic, this podcast is for you too!

Here’s to transforming infrequent, obligation and duty sex into an experience that leads to genuine unity, connection, and pleasure. You are not broken. You are not alone. There is so much hope.

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