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SSSnaker global launch & Habby metagame framework full UA, Creatives, GD & Admon review (#58)

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This is no BS gaming podcast 2.5 gamers session #58. Sharing actionable insights, dropping knowledge from our day-to-day User Acquisition, Game Design, and Ad monetization jobs. We are definitely not discussing the latest industry news, but having so much fun! Let’s not forget this is a 4 am conference discussion vibe, so let's not take it too seriously.

Panelists: ⁠⁠Jakub Remia⁠⁠r, ⁠⁠Matej Lančarič⁠⁠, ⁠⁠Felix Braberg⁠⁠



00:00 Intro

00:50 Special guest Philips

02:47 Jakub goes full systems & vectors on Diablo 4

04:50 SSSnaker introduction

05:00 SSSSSSSSSnakeeeeer

06:14 SSSSnake jazzzzz

07:40 SSSSnaker Ad mon analysis time

08:29 7 Jakub's sons = 1 Katarina

08:39 two noobs & one gamer

10:06 Jakub is having some technical issues

10:25 Showing the actual gameplay with ad placements

11:38 six rewarded videos placements

12:58 SSSnaker makes around $17-20k ad revenue per day

14:25 Could SSSnaker be making 30-40% ad revenue?

15:10 Philips is an SSSnaker noob

18:11 SSSSnake jazzzzz

19:32 Flamboyant UA intro & country breakdown

21:54 & SSSnaker global launch numbers comparison

22:11 Soft launch review

25:00 Creatives

26:37 UGC creative deep dive

27:18 14862.23 USD for a creative?

28:11 How do AI creatives perform against real people?

32:00 UA channel mix

33:00 Behind the curtains deal?

35:11 Retention comparison Habby games vs. action category

39:14 Habby monetization framework

41:00 Hypercasual is dead

41:50 No more ASMR background noise :(

42:36 Snake master vs. SSSnaker - gameplay comparison

43:21 Life lesson no.1 - play with the keyboard

44:03 We hope you get killed!

45:32 Unfolding gameplay

45:54 It would take generations of Felixes to get to world 11

47:21 Is Habby the new Voodoo?

48:20 It's all about the efficiency

49:00 Is Habby publishing two more games in 2023?

50:00 This episode is brought to you by stuck Felix

53:16 Jesper is amazing!

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