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Deep-dive into Google Privacy Sandbox. Same disaster as Apple ATT? When is it happening? (#57)

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This is no BS gaming podcast 2.5 gamers session #57. Sharing actionable insights, dropping knowledge from our day-to-day User Acquisition, Game Design, and Ad monetization jobs. We are definitely not discussing the latest industry news, but having so much fun! Let’s not forget this is a 4 am conference discussion vibe, so let's not take it too seriously.

Panelists: ⁠⁠Matej Lančarič⁠⁠, Kate Lovejoy, Loic Anton



00:00 Intro

02:36 What the hell is Privacy Sandbox?

05:44 How does the Privacy Sandbox work?

07:34 Why should we pay attention to the privacy sandbox?

10:37 What can you beta test?

15:58 Do you need to implement SDK for every client?

17:44 How does the cooperation with Google look like?

22:31 Audience definition before and after Privacy Sandbox

29:41 When is the Privacy Sandbox happening?

36:32 When do you need to deep-dive into Privacy Sanbox?

40:00 Closing remarks

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User Acquisition as the New Frontier of game development

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