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172 - The Sound Of Free Guy

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In this episode we talk with Craig Henighan (Supervising Sound Editor/SFX Re-Recording Mixer), Paul Massey (Dial/Music Re-Recording Mixer) and Ryan Cole (Dialog Supervisor) from the Shawn Levy directed film, Free Guy. We talk about finding sonic space for dialog when total chaos is happening on screen, dealing with visual effects changing with each new delivery and ADR during a pandemic.

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    182 - The Power Of The Dog with Tara Webb & Leah Katz


    We talk with Tara Webb (Sound Editor & Re-Recording Mixer) and Leah Katz (Dialog Supervisor) about the sound of Jane Campion's The Power Of The Dog. They tell us about defining a character through sound, building expansive landscapes and using ADR to refine the story. Show Notes (including transcript): Podcast Homepage:
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    181 - Sound Design for Boxing & MMA Roundtable


    Sound Designers Gene Park (Bruised), Olivia Zhang (One Night In Miami), Aaron Glascock (Creed II) and Foley Artist Jay Peck (Bruised) all sit down for a roundtable talk about their experiences designing sound for boxing and MMA films. We talk about hero moments, knockout punches, making crowds roar and the need to find room to hear the fighters breath. See Show Notes (including transcript) at Podcast homepage:
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    180 - Kyrsten Mate (Soundgirls Re-podcast)


    We are happy to "re-podcast" this great interview, originally aired on The SoundGirls Podcast. Kyrsten Mate is an award winning Sound Designer who has worked for Skywalker Sound for 25 years. Her credits include Mulan, The Midnight Sky, Ready Player One, Tomorrowland, Jarhead, and many others. Among the directors she has worked with are Francis Ford Coppola, Steven Spielberg, Brad Bird, and Walter Murch. In addition, she recently completed the Sound Design for Disneyland’s Batuu: Galaxy’s Edge.
  • Tonebenders Podcast podcast

    179 - Handheld Recorder Shootout & Gear Obsession Roundtable


    We are joined by Tim Nielsen, Kristina Morss & Mark Kilborn to talk about gear obsession and strategies to reign in those new purchase impulses. Why do we all feel like we need 20 reverbs!? We also talk about Tim's impressive Handheld Recorder comparison of 11 different units. Show Notes (including transcript): Podcast Homepage:
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    178 - The French Dispatch With Wayne Lemmer & Chris Scarabosio


    Supervising Sound Editors and Re-recording Mixers Christopher Scarabosio & Wayne Lemmer talk to us about their work on The French Dispatch. They tell us about what is it like working with director Wes Anderson, mixing at Abby Road Studios for the first time, and how they go about building/mixing an amazing sounding montage sequence. Show Notes (including transcript) at
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    177- The Sound Of Dune


    We are joined by Mark Mangini, Theo Green and Dave Whitehead to talk about their work on the new Denis Villeneuve film, DUNE. They talk about designing the sounds for the personal shields, Ornithopters, the ambiences of all the planets and the sand worm! Plus lots, lots more. Show Notes (including transcript): Podcast Homepage:
  • Tonebenders Podcast podcast

    176 - Recording & Designing Underwater Sounds Roundtable


    We are joined by Barry Donelly, Kristen Quinn, Benoît Marsalone and Arnaud Noble to talk about recording and designing sounds for underwater scenes in films and games. We discuss our favourite underwater recording sessions, what works and doesn't work with hydrophones and when it is best to fake it with water sounds recorded with normal microphones. See Show Notes and full Bios at
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    175 - Returnal With Loic Couthier & Toivo Kallio


    Guest host Mark Kilborn sits down with Loic Couthier & Toivo Kallio, to talk about their sound work on the new PS5 game, Returnal. The Game is a sci-fi third person shooter, based on time loops happening within a shape shifting planet. The game really takes advantage of the new sound capabilities on latest playstation console, especially 3d audio. Show Notes: Podcast Homepage:
  • Tonebenders Podcast podcast

    174 - The Sound of Fathom with Brad Engleking


    Brad Engleking tells us about working on the sound for the amazing documentary, Fathom. The film is about scientists that are recording humpback whale calls and trying to decipher their language. Fathom features some of the most beautiful whale recordings ever captured.
  • Tonebenders Podcast podcast

    173 - Ted Lasso with Bernard Weiser and Brent Findley


    In this episode we talk to Emmy nominated co-supervising sound editors Bernard Weiser and Brent Findley, from the hit series Ted Lasso. They do a deep dive on how they built a massive stadium full of fans chanting "Wanker" from a small loop group for source. They also discuss the rapid evolution of the ADR process in pandemic times, having now done two seasons under various levels of lockdowns. Some things they hope stay going forward and others that they can do without.

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